Keep your home safe in the snow

Keep your home safe in the snow

After a heavy snow fall, conditions can be hazardous. Follow our advice to help keep yourself safe and protect your home:

Dealing with problems inside your home

If a pipe freezes, act quickly to stop it bursting. Turn off the water, run the taps to drain the system and locate the blockage (call a plumber if you have difficulty) then thaw with a hot water bottle or hairdryer.

If your pipe bursts, turn the water off immediately, drain the system, switch off all electrics and call a plumber.

If water leaks from your ceiling, turn off your water. Using a screwdriver, pierce any bulges, allowing water to escape into buckets placed underneath. Leave doors and windows open to speed drying and help prevent mould.

Don’t forget to photograph damage to help if you need to make a claim.


Dealing with problems outside your home

Keep paths and driveways clear to prevent accidents. Avoid using water, which could turn to ice. Try salt, and sprinkle ash or sand to add grip.

Help keep pavements safe by clearing the area outside your home.

Remove snow from low roofs with an extendable brush to stop it sliding off and causing injury.  Take care not to damage your gutters while doing so.

Take care of your pets by ensuring their water isn’t frozen, they’ve extra food and are warm and dry. Leave food for birds and break the ice on ponds.

Don’t forget that we’re here if you need to ask for help or make a claim.

Home queries and claims

If your enquiry is an emergency, please give us a call on our Homecall Helpline Call Save 1850 621 126 anytime, any day.

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