At Aviva, we offer you a wide variety of discounts on your car insurance.

You can download our MotorCare Policy Booklet for more information on our car insurance discounts. You can also refer to the terms and conditions of the cover we provide. If you already have Aviva car insurance, then your policy schedule will show your exact cover details and any other covers or discounts that apply to your policy.

All discounts applied are subject to a minimum premium of €280.

10% discount for buying online (subject to a minimum premium of €280)

When you buy your car insurance online with us, we’ll give you a 10% discount on your premium (subject to a minimum premium of €280).  

Aviva MultiCar discount

Insure a second car with us and you’ll get 10% off the premium. This is our Aviva MultiCar option and taking advantage of it couldn’t be easier. If any other member of your household already has a car insurance policy with us you will receive 10% off the premium of additional cars you insure with us.

This discount is available on up to 5 policies per household at the same postal address. 

If you want more information on this, visit our MultiCar page. Should you have any questions you can go over to our MultiCar FAQ.

Up to 50% no-claims discount

You can get 10% discount for each claims-free year up to a maximum of 50% whether you buy a 'Comprehensive' or 'Third Party, Fire & Theft' car insurance policy. If you have fire or theft claims, your no-claim discount will not be affected.

If you insure more than one car with us, you will earn a no-claims discount on each car separately.

Up to 27% if you have No Penalty Points

When you and your additional drivers are penalty points free you may be able to benefit from a discount of up to 27% on your motor insurance premium.  To qualify for our penalty points rating all drivers on the policy must be capable of incurring penalty points for driving offenses in Republic of Ireland and you must provide us with a valid driver number (found on the driving licence) for each driver on the policy which can be verified by the National Vehicle Driver File (NVDF).  A policy loading may be applied for penalty points which are incurred by you or any driver whose driving is covered by this policy.  Discounts or loadings may vary depending on the number and nature of the penalty points incurred.

20% relevant qualification discount

Experience counts at Aviva. We may be able to give you a 20% discount on your car insurance policy if you hold a relevant ‘Advanced Driver’ qualification with the following driving associations:

  • The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) in the UK
  • The RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
  • DIAmond Advanced Motorists

5% discount for completing our Ignition assessment (not available online)

Car insurance premiums can be high if you’ve had your driver’s licence for less than 3 years. Aviva offers you a way to lower that premium. If you take our 1-hour Ignition driving assessment and pass, we’ll give you 5% discount. This discount is available only to Irish Learner Permit holders and drivers with a Full EU Licence.

You will not be able to get a quote from us online, but call our team in Galway on 1890 33 22 11 and they will be happy to give you all the information you will need. You can call us on 1890 40 50 80 to book your Ignition assessment.

5% discount on a policy excess of €600

Your policy excess is the amount you are required to pay yourself in the event of a claim. The standard excess amount on an Aviva car insurance policy stands at €300. However, if you choose a higher than normal policy excess of €600, we will give you a 5% discount on your premium.

Please note that we only offer this discount on Comprehensive car insurance policies.

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