Christmas day hacks

Host with the most

Be the host with the most this Christmas  

Christmas at home is certainly one of the most magical times of the year. But with so much to do it can all seem a little stressful. That’s why; we’ve compiled this handy list of Christmas hacks to make your day run as smoothly as possible. Preparing a spectacular feast never looked so easy (we won’t tell if you don’t)!

Par-cook veggies on Christmas Eve

Par-cooking your vegetables on Christmas Eve will make cooking Christmas dinner a much easier task. Simply bring your vegetables to the boil, and then drop them into cold water to stop the cooking process. Refrigerate them in an airtight container overnight and heat them quickly in the microwave with a knob of butter and a little salt and pepper on Christmas Day. This process will work for most vegetables including carrots, parsnips, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, peas and green beans. 

Warm your plates in the dishwasher

Your oven will more than likely be more stuffed than your turkey on Christmas morning. So pop your plates in the dishwasher on a quick rinse cycle to warm them up. They’ll also come out dust-free. Perfect!

Chill white wine with frozen grapes

You more than likely won’t have room for ice buckets on your Christmas table. So, to ensure your guests’ wine stays nice and chilled, add frozen grapes to each glass. Unlike ice-cubes, the grapes won’t water down the wine. Now that’s what we call a win!

Set the mood

Nobody enjoys eating under an extremely bright light. Set the mood by dimming the main lights and instead using side lights, lamps and LED candles.

Create a playlist

There’s nothing like a little music to relax your guests. To ensure you won’t have to keep hopping up from the table to change the tracks, you can create a Christmas party playlist in advance. You can certainly add a Christmas tune or two, but don’t overdo it. Your guests will thank you! Alternatively, choose a ready made playlist on YouTube or Spotify.

Make your tree look fuller

Christmas trees can shed their needles pretty quickly. So to give yours a fuller look this year, add fresh flowers or foliage. As well as adding a lovely fresh scent, your guests will forever wonder how you keep your tree is such great shape!

Now that you’ve got home entertaining covered, you can get ready to relax. 

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