Group Protection

Our Group Life Insurance cover helps you deal with one of the most difficult situations to happen in your workplace. It can be a time that's highly charged with emotion and there are unexpected considerations for everyone involved. With Group Life Insurance in place, we offer financial support to your employees' loved ones in the form of a lump sum that can be either a specified amount or a percentage of salary.

How does Group Life Insurance work?

The effect of any death is devastating to the family concerned. When you have a Group Life Insurance policy in place, we can provide financial assistance to a deceased employee’s family, lessening the burden of worry at a stressful time.

Group Life Insurance cover pays out a lump sum to an employee’s dependant in the event of their death.

You choose the options that suit your business

  • Our flexible options will help meet your needs and budget. You decide the level of benefits provided, for example you could set a higher level of cover for Directors or senior staff, based on a fixed amount or a multiple of salary.
  • We’ll usually give you a free cover limit where we normally don’t need any medical information to provide cover which makes things much simpler for you and your people.

You can rely on us for support if a claim is made

  • We’ll pay the agreed sum to the scheme’s Trustees in the event of a death.
  • Group Life Insurance premiums are usually treated as an allowable business expense for tax purposes.
  • Revenue practice and tax rules may change in the future and depend on the Company’s and Individual‘s circumstances.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Aviva Group Life Insurance is competitively priced and backed by efficiency and a level of service you expect from a leading global insurance company. Find out more about Group Life Insurance by downloading our helpful booklets and speak to your financial broker.

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