Monthly Policy Fee Removal

We’ve removed the monthly policy fee to make our products more straightforward.

At Aviva Life & Pensions, we’re committed to making our products as clear and simple as possible.

That’s why we’ve removed the monthly policy fee and some other charges to make our savings, investments and pensions more straightforward.

The ‘monthly policy fee’ we’re referring to is the charge taken by cancelling units you’re invested in and it’s expressed as a monetary amount, e.g. €4.50 per month. The amount of the monthly policy fee will vary depending on the type of policy you hold. 

Why have we removed these charges?

We’ve given monthly policy fees their marching orders to make our product range as simple as possible – we now offer a range of savings, investments and pensions which are among the most straightforward on the market.

Important: You should know that there may be other charges on your policy, but we’re not introducing extra charges, or increasing charges elsewhere. For details on what other charges there might be on your policy, please see your Annual Benefit Statement and speak to your financial broker.

Find out more

We have a range of savings, investments and pensions to suit your plans for the future:

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We’re proud to be leading the market in simplifying our products and saying goodbye to monthly policy fees. Speak to your financial broker today about what this good news means for you.

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