Learner Drivers

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

In Ireland, anyone who wants to get a driving licence has to complete the Essential Driver Training (EDT) before being able to take the driving test. The EDT is a course of twelve one-hour lessons that teaches basic driving skills.

The EDT was introduced in 2011 by the Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA). Completing it will help learner drivers to:

  • understand what it means to be a safe driver.
  • practice their driving skills in a structured way that is focused on their personal learning needs.
  • develop lifelong skills that will make them a good and safe driver.

EDT at Aviva Driving School

All Aviva Driving School driving instructors are approved by the RSA and able to deliver EDT lessons. Taking your EDT with any of them will qualify you for our offer of 6 months accompanied learner driver cover, the terms and conditions of which you can find here.

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