What if your investments could change the world?

Your investments can create a better world to live and retire in

We want to raise awareness that by choosing how your money is invested you can provide a more sustainable future for everyone. Watch our short video that follows the journey a pension contribution takes through the capital markets system. It shows how you can make a difference as an individual investor. 

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Do you know how the money in your pension is invested?

When you invest, how much do you really know about what happens next?

Let’s pretend for a moment you could follow your money on its journey and see what happens.

Basically, your money goes into funds you choose.

It’s the managers of those funds who decide how it should be invested in order to make it grow.

They often buy shares of large companies traded on stock exchanges around the world.

And these companies play a major role in shaping the world we live in.

The performance of the funds is available to everyone to see at any time.

This sounds like a good thing, but it can actually lead to short term decision making.

Let’s look at why.


Imagine the pressure you’d face from being constantly monitored.

Fund managers need to show the investments they make are growing in the short term.

As a result, companies are also pressured to act in the short term to show immediate returns.

Long term benefits such as investing in innovation, workforce skills, or the efficient use of natural resources can slide down the priority list, as can the societal and environmental impact of things like carbon emissions and air pollution.

In the long term, this can actually lead to weaker companies and lower profits, because in reality, it’s good companies that treat their customers, employees, the local community, and the environment well, that will make sustainable investments.

Think back to the beginning.

You invested in your pension to improve your prospects for the future.

Your goal was to create a better future for yourself and your family.

But the result could well be a future you’d never have chosen.

There’s no one quick fix, but there are steps we can take.


Remember those funds that your pension money goes into?

A large number of people invest in them.

So together, you have huge power.

If you insisted that your money was invested responsibly, it could really help change the world.

Unleashing trillions of euros of sustainable investments, but not many people ask how their money is being spent.

As an investor, you have the power to influence where your money gets invested.

As your pension provider, Aviva can provide you with more information on how your money is invested.

If money talks, what’s yours saying?

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Aviva wins ESG Provider of the Year

At the 2021 Irish Pension Award, Aviva was delighted to be presented with the ESG Provider of the Year award at the Irish Pensions Awards 2021.

Read about our win

What is ESG investing?

In the past investors have researched and considered financial factors and metrics when making decisions about their investments. ESG investing incorporates environment, social and governance (ESG) elements into a fund’s investment process, in addition to financial considerations.


How the company interacts with the environment

Climate change
Natural resources
Pollution & waste
Energy use


How the company interacts with society
Working conditions
Health and safety
Employee relations and diversity
Data protection


How the company is run

Executive pay
Bribery and corruption
Board diversity
Risk management

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What is ESG investing?


Aviva research indicates that when explains clearly environmental, social and governance investing or ESG investing for sort is important to 80% of Irish customers.

It is no wonder ESG investing is gaining traction. Research is increasing showing that this investing method can reduce portfolio risk, generate competitive investment returns and help investors feel good about the funds they invest in.

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What is ESG investing?


In a nutshell ESG investing involves researching and considering environmental, social and governance issues. In additional to other factors such as financial criteria when evaluating different investments for inclusive in investments funds.

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How are you responding to climate change?


E are environment concerns how corporations interact with the physical environment such as climate change, biodiversity, natural resources, carbon emissions, air and water pollution and energy use.

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How does your company interact with society?


S for social looks at the impact companies have on society and communities including human rights, health and safety issues, labour standards, product liability, privacy and data security.

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Do you have a diverse board of management?


G or governance focuses on companies are govern including diversity, transparency, ownership, board independence, epics and executive compensation.

ESG investing has become mainstream and for many investors around the world it is a requirement that must be considered before they invest but why is this happening and why is it happening now.


Aviva offer responsible investment options across their managed for you, managed with you and manged by you propositions.

For example, through our managed for you and managed with you propositions we offer a range of funds from Aviva Investors who integrate ESG into their investment processes where possible.


Aviva Investors is the asset management part of the Aviva group and a global asset manger with integrated experience across all major asset classes. Aviva Investors engage and met with global companies to encourage them to change and build a substantial business for the future and they are at the fore front of encouraging overall market reform, helping to drive regulatory change across financial markets to encourage better practice and drive meaningful change.

Aviva Investors has a dedicated team of 22 ESG analysts and have build ESG considerations into their investment processes. What this means is that when they are considering whether to include individual investments such as company shares in your investment fund they will analysis traditional financial metrics alongside ESG criteria such as impact on the environment, company culture and corporate governance.

Aviva Investors is a pioneer in responsible investments, they have been voting activity on investments we hold since 1970 to encourage responsible behaviour considering ESG criteria.

Today they are recognised as a global leader in ESG investments.


In 2019 they were named as one of only five managers out of seventy-five global investment managers to receive an A rating by share action by their approach to ESG investing.

To learn more about ESG investment options available from Aviva please contact your Financial Broker or visit www.aviva.ie/ESG.


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Investing your money to make a difference

70% Irish pension investors believe ESG an important investment consideration

Aviva Research

Aviva research shows that 7 in 10 Irish pension holders want to consider environmental, social and governance factors when they invest their pension1.

We offer responsible investing options across our Managed for You, Managed with You and Managed by You propositions. For example, in our Managed for You and Managed with You option you can invest in funds from Aviva Investors, the fund management arm of the Aviva Group.

Aviva Investors - responsibility built in

Aviva’s commitment to responsible investment has a long track record. Aviva has been at the forefront of responsible and  sustainable investment for nearly 50 years; from being the first operationally carbon-neutral international insurer, to being awarded the UN Momentum for Change Award in 2017 in recognition of Aviva’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact, as well as helping to author the world’s first corporate governance code and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

ESG at Aviva – 2020 and beyond

Our flagship Multi-Asset Range - MAFs classified as Article 8 funds under Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations*

This means that ESG considerations are built into how the funds are managed.

*Article 8 unit-linked funds promote environmental or social characteristics or a combination of these two characteristics.

Dedicated ESG Experts

Aviva Investors’ has a team of 30 dedicated ESG Analysts. Their role is to push for vital change on society’s biggest issues with investor action

Engaging at scale

In 2020, Aviva Investors undertook 3,428 engagements with 1,740 individual companies

Tackling climate change

  • Aviva launched Net Zero by 2040 ambition
  • Aviva Investors has a dedicated Climate Escalation program targeting top 30 fossil fuel emitters
  • Aviva Investors voted in favour of 82% of shareholder resolutions on climate change

Strong credentials as a responsible investor


Aviva Investors is A+ rated by United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)


Aviva Investors is ranked second of all global investment managers by ShareAction for its environmental voting track record, and one of only 5 managers worldwide to hold an ESG A Rating

Source: Aviva Investors Responsible Investment Annual Review 2020.

MAFs - 10 years of doing more

Watch our short video to learn why your investments  and passions can go hand in hand

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2011 Aviva Multi-Asset Funds (MAFs) – 10 years of doing more, 10 years of consistent returns, years of navigating market volatility and years of using our voice to power change.

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In 2011 MAFs launch in the Irish market

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Irish 10-year government bond yield hits 14%

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In 2012 -3.9% shown on graph

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Aviva Investors founds the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Coalition

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In 2013 5.9% shown on graph

00:00:46 Message on screen
Taper Tantrum markets drop over fears of reduced FED support

00:00:51 Message on screen
Hillary Clinton first female lead candidate for US presidential election

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Corporate Human Rights Benchmark launches in 2013 with Aviva Investors as one of the founding members

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In 2014 18.9% shown on graph

00:01:06 Message on screen
Politics come to the fore as Russia invades Ukraine and US goes to war with ISIS

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In 2015 35.2% shown on graph

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Paris Climate Deal

00:01:20 Message on screen
Aviva participates actively in COP21 where the Paris Climate Agreement is signed

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In 2016 43.1% shown on graph

00:01:31 Message on screen
UK votes to leave the EU. Trump elected US President

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Aviva Investors asked to join the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on ESG

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In 2017 48.9% shown on graph

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Aviva Investors receives Responsible Investor Award for Innovation & Industry Leadership

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In 2018 57.5% shown on graph

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US-China trade war begins

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Ireland is hit by Storm Ophelia the worst storm in 50 years

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In 2019 43.5% shown on graph

00:02:14 Message on screen
Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of UK and Trump is impeached

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Greenland sets a new record for ice loss

Shedding the most mass from its giant ice sheet in any year since at least 1948

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Aviva Investors implements ESG integration across all asset classes

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In 2020 72.4% shown on graph

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Covid sweeps the globe

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United States withdraws from Paris Accord

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The Wild 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 13 hurricanes second highest on record

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54.4C record temperature recorded in Death Valley

00:02:56 Message on screen
2020 ties with 2016 as warmest year on record

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The last ten years have been the hottest on record

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MAFs invest in Climate Transition Global Equity Fund

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In 2021 88.8% shown on graph

00:03:20 Message on screen
Kamala Harris becomes first black woman and person of Indian descent to be sworn in as Vice President of the United States

00:03:24 Message on screen
As vaccine roll outs accelerate, global economies begin to reopen

00:03:28 Message on screen
Aviva launches Net Zero 2040 ambition

00:03:32 Message on screen
Aviva Investors launches the Climate Engagement Escalation Programme

00:03:37 Message on screen
MAFs are categorised as Article 8 Funds under Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

00:03:44 Message on screen
Aviva Investors’ team of dedicated ESG experts grows t over 30

00:03:49 Message on screen
Aviva Investors retains its Share Action A rated status.

One of only five managers globally to achieve “A” status

00:03:52 Message on screen
Aviva Investors retains UN Principles of Responsible Investment A+ status

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88.8% shown on graph. Ten years of doing more

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Important information to consider.

Fund availability varies by product type. Please contact your Financial Broker for details of the funds available by product type.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: If you invest in these products you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

Warning: These products may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.

1. Source: iReach survey carried out on behalf of Aviva May 2021. Survey covers 570 Irish pension holders.

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