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Halloween Tips

Halloween is a favourite holiday for many, and with good reason. There are the costumes, the fun decorations, the time spent roving around the neighbourhood, the parties and of course, the tricks and treats! Now is the time to get in the mood and begin your preparation, especially if you want to do Halloween at Home. 

Costumes. This is the most obvious thing that needs to be prepared. You can’t just wait until the last minute to make your choices, although some children have a hard time making up their minds. The earlier you can decide what you or your kids are going to be, the more lead time you have on putting your costumes together and making sure they’re at a reasonable cost. Once you have an idea of what you want to be, you can start doing research. Perhaps some of the costume pieces you already have at home or are easily made out of existing materials. There might be a trip to the craft store in the works or a specialty shop, depending on how complicated your costume is and how precise you want to be. If this all sounds too exhausting, you might want to check out a costume shop or look into buying the costume already put together online. There are many options – the hardest part is always deciding. 

Safety. Halloween is definitely more fun when celebrated safely. Although candles can add to the spooky ambiance, they can also be a hazard. Consider switching candles out with battery-powered tea lights. These can be just as decorative, still go inside pumpkins easily and keep your house free from danger when your little monsters are running around the house. And when it comes to the safety of costumes, remember to pick ones that aren’t too difficult to walk in, are flame-resistant and don’t feature dangling sleeves or too-long capes. 

Decorations. Halloween is the one holiday where the creepier you can make your home, the better! Have fun with decorating. You can start small by displaying a few pumpkins or a well-placed skull outside your front door. If you want to go the whole hog, Halloween is a fantastic excuse to buy lots of orange and black decorations, ranging from witches and goblins to vampires and skeletons. And don’t forget about all the fun handmade crafts that you make as a family. Mummies and bats are easy to put together and don’t require many art supplies. Just be sure that the walk leading up to your door isn’t too scary, as you might frighten off the younger trick-or-treaters!

Party Time. Bobbing for apples is a very traditional Halloween game that the whole family can get involved in. Fill a large basin, no more than halfway with water and put plenty of apples inside. With their hands behind their backs, children must try catch apples using only their mouths. The parents supervise and cheer on, and also time each child, perhaps giving a time limit. Creating teams also works well.

Mummy race is great fun too, and gets parents involved also. Divide the kids into two teams, each team including an adult, who acts as the mummy. The kids are given rolls of toilet paper, and the first team to fully wrap their ‘mummy’ wins.

Sweets. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when Halloween rolls around. Most shops offer large bags of sweet treats, both in variety packs or fun-size servings, so you have your choice of sweet things to hand out on the big night. We suggest stocking up on giveaways early, but not too early, as you might be tempted to eat it all yourself. If you’re trying desperately to resist the junk food temptation yourself maybe it’s best to purchase items that you don’t personally like as there’s a better chance it will survive until the trick-or-treaters show up. 

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