How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Zone

Birthday Party

We all want to give our kids the best birthday parties as possible and create memories that will last a lifetime. During the summer months, hardly a weekend passes by without a friend or classmate’s birthday party – and the costs can add up.

We sat down with Easy Parenting’s party expert, Emma Perkins, on fun and affordable birthday party ideas you can create at home!

Party planning 101:

  • Plan well in advance: this way you can give guests plenty of notice and make sure the party isn’t coinciding with another child’s. Things should run more smoothly on the day if you plan ahead.
  • Don’t feel pressured: you don’t have to invite an entire class to your child’s party, unless you feel your house and budget can accommodate it. Rather than have your child bring invitations to school, you can extend an invite to the parents of those your child would like to invite.
  • When inviting guests: check with parents if there are any allergies you need to be aware of, so you can make sure not to include those ingredients in any of your party treats.
  • Set a realistic time limit: For a younger child’s party, two hours should be enough. This way it is easier to fill the party with activities and snacks. Morning parties between 10am and noon are ideal for younger kids as they won’t be too tired at this time of day.

What to do:

During the summer, and if the weather permits, a bouncy castle is always a popular choice (for young and old alike). 

You can host your very own  food Olympics, with games such as bobbing for apples, finding gummy snakes in whipped cream by using only your mouth (these gummies are perfect as they are long and not a choking hazard!) and picking up Smarties/marshmallows with chopsticks – give this one a go yourself, it’s far more difficult than it sounds. The winners could be awarded medals or small trophies.

A mini sports day, with egg-and-spoon and wheelbarrow relays are perfect for a sunny day with musical chairs/hoops being played inside or out depending on available space.

Karaoke parties are ideal if the weather isn’t fair and you need to have the party indoors. Kids love to dance, so a dance party should go down a treat!

Other suitable indoor activities include musical statues; pass the parcel; fancy dress and a cinema-style party with a movie viewing and treats.

If you have older kids, party planning can become a little trickier – but they will love a party that feels more grown-up, so for girls, a pampering and beauty party where they can paint each other’s nails and try facemasks would be perfect. Older boys may enjoy a football tournament, or an action movie marathon/video game play-off.


Remember, that the providers you choose for rental items such as bouncy castles, entertainment equipment or facilities such as marquees should be fully & independently insured, as these items are not covered by some home insurance policies. You can check this within your policy documentation or you can contact your insurer in advance.



The rule of thumb when having a party at home is to keep things simple. Pizza, sandwiches, potato wedges, chicken dippers, pasta and assorted summer fruits are all crowd pleasers and can be prepared very quickly before the party starts.  

Water, diluted cordials and juices with no added sugar are perfect thirst quenchers and won’t upset any parental preferences.

And, it wouldn’t be a children’s birthday party without cake and ice cream for dessert. For younger kids, an ice cream cake is fun; simply turn a large tub of ice cream out onto a serving plate and cover it with your child’s favourite treats or fruit pieces. 

Now that you’re all ready to host a great birthday party at home, why not make sure your home and contents are fully protected, from any accidents.  You can have a quick look here to learn more about home and contents insurance.


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