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Health claims

Claiming with Hibernian Aviva Health

Health claims

Health claims - Claiming Health insurance with Aviva

In-patient claims

In-patient claims are for any treatment requiring an overnight stay in hospital.

We have direct payment agreements with all of our listed hospitals, so don't worry – we'll settle the bill directly for all eligible costs under your health plan.

Just complete and sign a Hibernian Aviva Health claim form (your hospital will provide one). The form asks questions about your personal information and history of illness.

In-patient maternity claims

Whether you've had a natural or c-section birth, just follow the same process detailed above for all in-patient claims.

Out-patient and day-to-day claims

Out-patient claims are for hospital visits that do not require an overnight stay. Day-to-day claims can include visits to you local doctor or dentist.

At the end of your policy year, call us on 1850 717 717 to register your claim.

Then send us in your clearly marked original receipts to ensure you're reimbursed for all eligible treatment.

Lifestyle claims

Lifestyle claims cover elective and preventative treatments, including:

  • Health screening
  • Cervical cancer vaccination
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Teeth whitening
  • Stop smoking programmes

Just complete and sign a Hibernian Aviva Health claim form (your lifestyle service will provide one). Then send it to us along with your invoice once treatment is complete.

We'll send you a cheque for the eligible refund. Please let us know if you'd like to have your original invoice returned.


Call us on 1850 717 717.

Visit Using your plan - claim with Hibernian Aviva Health.

Hospital Stay

We have direct payment agreements with all of our listed hospitals so we can settle the bill directly for all eligible costs under your plan.

  1. Before going for treatment,  you can check the level of cover your Aviva health insurance offers you for a particular hospital or treatment centre by calling our customer service team on 1850 717 717.
  2. Complete your Aviva Health claim form in hospital.
  3. If in doubt of cover call us on 1890 717 717 with the following information:
  • Consultant name
  • Hospital Name
  • Procedure Code

Outpatient Claims & Day to Day Expenses

For all out patient or day to day expenses, you need to pay the provider directly.  Follow the steps below and remember to make it easier you don't have to fill out a claims form.

  1. Keep all your original receipts throughout the year.
  2. If you are in doubt, contact us to find out what you are covered for.
  3. Make sure the following information is on your receipts:
  • Your name
  • Date of treatment
  • Confirmation of practitioner's qualification
       4.    At the end of your policy year, send your receipts in an envelope with your name and policy number to:

    Claims Team, Aviva Health Insurance Ltd., PO Box 764, Togher, Cork


    Some of our health insurance plans include an excess. This is the first part of your insurance claim that you have to pay yourself. If your scheme has an annual excess, this excess will be applied to your claim. You can check to see if your plan includes an excess by reviewing your member’s handbook.

    To avail of Aviva Member Benefits, simply present your Aviva Health membership card to receive the relevant discount.