Insuring Coronation Street

Insuring Coronation Street  

The trials and tribulations of Coronation Street have lit up our screens for over 50 years. UTV Ireland landed the rights to Coronation Street at the beginning of 2015 and attracted almost 600,000 viewers in its first month on air.

Although the dust has finally started to settle from the minibus crash in January, another disaster is always just around the corner. At Aviva, we have looked into the troubled history of this small community to find out just how dangerous moving to the fictional town of Weatherfield would be. We also considered the implications of these dangers on the cost of insurance on the street. What would this mean for Steve McDonald insuring The Rovers Return or Dev Alahan insuring the Corner Shop?

Coronation Street major incident timeline

Here is a closer look at the major insurance-related incidents that have shaken the residents of Coronation Street since 2010:

icon-1 Corner Shop, 2010 - A gas explosion, shown live on the 50th anniversary episode, destroyed a part of the viaduct. A tram then crashed into the street demolishing the Corner Shop and damaging The Kabin.
corry-icon-2 No.3-13 Coronation Street, 2010 - A tram crash caused the Corner Shop to fall through into no. 13. Severe damage to neighbouring houses caused a fire to break out.
corry-icon-3 Underworld, 2010 - Numerous fatal incidents have taken place in the factory. Most recently, Tony Cooper set fire to Underworld in an attempt to kill hostages Carla and Hayley. Both escaped and Tony died in the resulting explosion.
corry-icon-4 Rovers Return, 2013 - Karl Munro started a fire in the cellar in an attempt to frame Jason Grimshaw by blaming his sub-standard repair work. Sunita died as a result of the fire.
corry-icon-5 Nick's Bistro, 2013 - Nick Tilsley’s Ford Transit Connect collided with a lorry following an argument with David Platt.
corry-icon-6 Street Cars, 2015 - Street Cars minibus was run off the road by boy racers. The minibus flipped on its side and fell into a quarry. A total of eleven characters were injured in the accident but escaped before the vehicle fell off the cliff.

No.13 Coronation Street

It seems that number 13 really is unlucky for some. In fact, it’s proven to be unlucky for nearly every resident of number 13 Coronation Street. Since the first occupants moved in, several incidents have happened that would have resulted in a home insurance claim:

1978  Stan Ogden left the taps running on the bath ruining a piece of art hanging in the room below. 
1995  Bill Webster set fire to the kitchen after trying to impress his daughter in law by cooking a family meal. 
2008  The fuse box blew on the day that Ashley and Claire Peacock moved in and the whole house had to be rewired. 
2010  A tram crashed into the corner shop and consequently caused damage and set fire to no.13. 


Since 1960 there have been 158 deaths on Coronation Street, 16 of which have been murders.

Comparing crime rates over the last 5 years, we found that Coronation Street has a murder rate of 14 per 1000 people - a shocking statistic next to Dublin’s 0.02 murders per 1,000. However, residents of Coronation Street are nearly twice as likely to die as a result of a car, tram or bus crash, with 29 fatal vehicular accidents on the program since 1960.

Road Safety

Thirteen major car accidents have taken place since Coronation Street started. Here is how road safety statistics compare between Dublin and Weatherfield:

DublinCorkGalwayCoronation Street
Population* 1.3m 518,128 250,5341 347**
Car accidents (per 1000)*** 1.2 1.1 1.3 38

* Irish population statistics taken from:
**Based on total number of named characters
***Based on information provided by the RSA 2012 ‘Road Collision Facts’ Report

Living and parking on Coronation Street

If you were still keen to move to Coronation Street even after hearing how dangerous it could be, the cost of insurance might well be a deciding factor. If you were to live and park your car on Coronation Street your insurance premiums would be more than double the national average.

Car Insurance - €1400

This quote is based on insuring Ireland’s most popular car, the VW Golf 1.4 TSI.

Home Insurance - €697

No. 13 has taken quite a battering since its first residents moved in in the late 1960s. If the house was in Galway, home owner Kevin Webster would be spending significantly more than the average for his two bed terraced house.

Having looked closely at the incident history of Coronation Street we are quite happy for Weatherfield to remain fictional. However, we will be tuning into the show to watch the upcoming storylines, including a deadly fire which is set to cause even more damage to the street and its residents. 

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