Aviva Ireland Customer Data Charter

Protecting your data, simplifying your life

Our business, in its 300-year history has always been about understanding our customers and the risks they face. 

We use our expertise to provide our customers with the savings, investments and insurance products that they need. We also ensure that everyone is paying an appropriate price for their insurance product or that we can invest retirement and savings according to their chosen risk level. 

To do this, as effectively as possible, we need to use some of your personal data. We only use what is relevant. This data helps us to continually adapt and expand, our services, savings and insurance products to best meet your needs.

Our commitments to you are:

  • We protect your personal data
  • We do not sell your personal data
  • We use personal data to continually improve the products and services we offer

We protect your personal data

Keeping your personal data safe and secure is a priority in everything we do.

We use safeguards such as firewalls and encryption to help keep your personal data safe.

We vigilantly monitor activity and keep a watchful eye on your policies to ensure that only you have access, and importantly fraudsters don’t.

We do not sell your personal data

What we don’t do with your personal data is as important as what we do with it.

We do not:

  • Sell your personal data to anyone

We sometimes:

Share your personal data with other companies, so we can provide you with the products and services that you want from Aviva, for example:

  • To give you a car insurance quotation, we share your car’s registration number with a data provider who helps us to identify your car’s make and model 
  • To provide you with home emergency services, we share your information with a company, who can be there for you, should you need them 

When we share your personal data with another company, they can only use it for the specific purpose that we agree, and not for marketing additional products and services. Your personal data will only be shared in an appropriately safe and secure way.

We use personal data to continually improve the products and services we offer

We use your personal data to understand your risks and offer you products that meet your needs. The benefits of Aviva using your personal data in this way, include:

  • giving you a quote or settling a claim as quickly and easily as possible, keeping the number of questions we ask you, to a minimum.
  • ensuring your product or cover meets your specific needs, such as insuring a specific item which you want to protect within your home insurance policy
  • giving you control of where your pension savings are invested, according to your personal circumstances such as your planned retirement date
  • by understanding you as an individual, we can set appropriate premiums, for instance, knowing whether you smoke helps us to assess your life insurance policy.

If you would like to see the types of personal data we collect, and why we need it, you can click here.

We will use your personal data to send you details about special offers and products we think would be truly useful to you. But if you’d like to hear more or less from us, you can let us know by calling us on:

General Insurance

1800 332 211

Life & Pensions

1800 159 159