Specified Illness Cover

Take care of what matters most

Peace of mind for you and your family

If you are diagnosed with a serious or critical illness, your finances should be the last thing on your mind. But if your illness prevents you from working, do you know how you and your family would cope?

Lump sum payment

Financial support to help you focus on your health if you’re diagnosed with 1 of 52 illnesses that we cover.

Flexible length of cover

Choose how long you’d like your cover to last – from 5 to 40 years.

Children’s cover

We’ll pay if your child is diagnosed with or undergoes surgery for one of the specified illness that we cover.

How can Specified Illness cover help?

The lump sum payment from your specified illness cover policy could help you to:

  • Pay for medical treatment and expenses.
  • Help with your mortgage or other loans or bills.
  • Invest to provide a regular income.
  • Make any necessary alterations to your home.

Reliable cover to help you through a tough time

We all hope it never happens but if you have to deal with health problems, you want to know that you’ve got serious illness cover that works hard for you and your family.

  • We cover 52 illnesses on a full-payment basis. So if you’ve been diagnosed with one of these illnesses, we’ll pay you the full amount for which you’re covered. Find out more about these illnesses in our Specified Illness Definitions Guide.
  • We cover 45 illnesses on a partial-payment basis so if you’re eligible, we’ll pay €20,000 or half of your cover amount, whichever is lower. One exception to this is angioplasty – single vessel for which we pay €5,000 or half of your cover amount, whichever is lower.

Features of your Aviva Specified Illness cover


  • Premiums are guaranteed to stay fixed throughout your policy term unless you change your policy.
  • You can get cover up to the age of 69.
  • Your policy provides life cover and specified illness cover for your children (any child, stepchild or adopted child of yours who is aged 30 days or more and who is under the age of 21) or 25 if in full time education.


  • You choose how long you want your cover to last – from 5 to 40 years. 
  • You can decide to increase your cover every year to keep up with inflation – without having to provide evidence of your health. We call this the indexation option. 
  • You can include a ‘conversion option’ to let you extend your cover at any time without having to provide evidence of your health.

Aviva Care

With your protection policy you have access to the following services through our Aviva Care benefit:

  • Digital GP
  • Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion
  • Family Care Mental Health Support
  • Bereavement Support

Want to get started?

Our professional financial advisers can talk to you about your options and set up the right cover for you.

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Manage your policies online

Avail of 24/7 access to view and manage your protection policy information.

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How our claims process works

We know this is a difficult time so we’ll deal with your claim as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Step 1

Let us know what’s happened

Call us on 1800 159 159or from mobile/abroad on 01 618 6621. Or you can email riskclaims@aviva.com.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Step 2

Give us some details

We’ll need medical evidence to assess your claim, along with the policy number and your contact details.

Step 3

We get things sorted

Once we’ve processed your information and accepted your claim, we’ll pay your benefit by electronic fund transfer into your bank account.

Policy details

Important information about your life insurance.

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