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Mortgage Protection

Provides life cover that reduces broadly in line with the balance outstanding on your mortgage with the option of adding specified illness cover.

Income Protection

Have you thought about how you would cope financially if you could not work due to illness or injury? Income Protection is insurance cover that provides you with a replacement income should accident or sickness keep you out of work for an extended period of time.

Specified Illness cover

No one wants to think they’ll be struck down with a serious illness – but unfortunately it can affect anyone, at any age and any time. If this happened to you, have you thought how you’d cope financially?

The difference between Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection

Siocha Costello, Protection Marketing Manager, Aviva Life & Pensions Limited explains the difference between Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection.

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00:00:05 Siocha Costello, one minute pitch. The difference between Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection, your time starts now.

What is Life Insurance?

00:00:14 Siocha Costello, Protection Marketing Manager, Aviva Life & Pensions Limited

In a nutshell life insurance will pay your dependents a lump sum if you die.


What is Mortgage Protection?

00:00:22 Siocha Costello

Mortgage protection pays out the outstanding balance of your mortgage if you die.


So, what is the main difference between the two?

00:00:27 Siocha Costello

The money from you mortgage protection goes to your lender to pay off your mortgage so your family home is secure. Life insurance gives your family money for all their other expenses, childcare costs, electricity costs and loans.


Why would you need both?

00:00:42 Siocha Costello

If you are taking out a mortgage you are required to have mortgage protection in place, having both means having all your family financial outgoings are taking care off.


When is a good time to get cover?

00:00:54 Siocha Costello

Insurance costs are generally based on several factors. One of those is age so the younger you are generally the cheaper it is.


What do you think is the best thing about these products?

00:01:06 Siocha Costello

I think the peace of mind that comes will knowing that your family is financially secure if anything happened to you.


Siocha your time is up.

To find out more about Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection talk to your Financial Broker.

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Aviva Care services

Aviva Care

With your protection policy you have access to the following services through our Aviva Care benefit:

  • Digital GP
  • Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion
  • Family Care Mental Health Support
  • Bereavement Support

Mortgage protection quote

Whether you’re a first time buyer, building your own home or a homeowner looking to make some savings, shopping around for mortgage protection is always a good idea. Why not ask us for a quick quote and see how we compare? And if you’re switching from another provider, don’t worry – we’ll guide you through the process.