Aviva Fixed Deposit Funds

Limited offer

An attractive fixed return for your money

If you are looking for an attractive rate of return, the Aviva Fixed Deposit Funds may be the right choice for you. There are two Funds available to new business, a three and a five-year Fund. These Funds are available through your Financial Broker.

  Aviva 3-Year Fixed Deposit Series 1 Aviva 5-Year Fixed Deposit Series 1
Deposit Rate Gross Total Return of 11.4%1
equating to a 3.67% Gross AER
Gross Total Return of 20.25%1
equating to a 3.76% Gross AER
Maturity Date 13 October 2026 13 October 2028
Closing Date We are closing the Funds on 6 October 2023 or earlier if oversubscribed.
Deposit Start Date The deposit start date for both the 3 and 5-year version is 13 October 2023.
Risk Rating Rating 1 out of 7 (low risk) as of 01 August 2023
Annual Management Charge Charge Standard Annual Management Charge2
Who can invest in these Funds?

These Funds are available through the following single contribution products open to new business2:

Investment Bond

Personal Pensions, PRSAs, Personal Retirement Bonds and Retail Master Trust

Approved Retirement Fund

Top-ups are only available through certain products launched since 2020. Please contact your Financial Broker for more information.

Standalone or part of a portfolio You can invest in these Funds on a standalone basis or as part of a diversified portfolio.

1. The gross returns and AER stated is before the deduction of charges and any applicable imputed distribution payments, life assurance premium levy, and relevant taxes. The returns are only applicable on the Fund’s maturity date.
2. The product documentation indicates product charges, minimum premiums, and applicable taxes. As these are fixed-term investments, the annual management charge will be accrued within the daily fund price and deducted from the final maturity proceeds received from Societe Generale. The final fund price will reflect the net return after deducting all fees. Our Customer Experience Team must receive full application documentation (including a fully completed application form. declaration, and anti-money laundering requirements). Otherwise, you will not be allowed to invest in this Fund.

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Warning: If you invest in the Aviva 3-Year Fixed Deposit Fund Series 1, you will not have any access to your money before 13 October 2026.

Warning: If you invest in the Aviva 5-Year Fixed Deposit Fund Series 1, you will not have any access to your money before 13 October 2028..

Warning: The value of your investment can go down as well as up.

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