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Everything you need to know about Aviva car insurance

Contact Numbers

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Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

What is the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)?

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a directive created by the European Banking Authority (EBA). PSD2 aims to protect people and businessess when transacting online by making payments more secure.

What will change with the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)?

The main change to online payments is the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This allows for your bank to verify your identity when transacting online.

What is Strong Customer Authentication? (SCA)

The new legislation may just add one small step within your online payment journey to authenticate you, which will give you more protection against potential fraud.

Why do we need Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Online fraud is increasing, so the aim of the revised Payment Services Directive is to make your online payments more secure.

How does Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) work?

It simply checks your information with your bank to help them verify you. Your bank will be able to ask you additional information, typically a passcode which they will send to you, so they can authorise the online payment you are making.

What could prevent Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) from working?

For everything to run smoothly, your bank will need to have up to date contact details such as your mobile number or email to enable them to send you a passcode if it’s required for both you or a joint account holder.

How should customers prepare for the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)?

Just make sure that your bank has your preferred contact preference and your up to date contact details.

What are the benefits of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)?

Your online transactions will be better protected. Your bank will check details such as if the transaction is from a location or device you haven't used before. Your bank will only ask you for additional information if they are not sure it’s you.

Will PSD2 mean that it takes longer to make payments online?

In many instances, you won't notice a difference. In situations where an enhanced authentication step is required, it should only add a few seconds.

What happens if a customer cannot complete Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Our Contact Centre can take the payment over the phone.

Existing Customers

Aviva Customers with a UK/ NI driving licence

If you or a driver named on your policy holds a UK or Northern Irish drivers licence, the Road Safety Authority has requested that we share some important information regarding the status of UK/NI driving licences within the Republic of Ireland, now that the UK has left the EU.

The Road Safety Authority wishes to advise policyholders and drivers, resident in Ireland, with a UK/NI driving licence of the importance of exchanging their licence for an Irish one.

  • Anyone resident in the Republic of Ireland who holds a UK/NI driving licence must exchange it for an Irish one before the 31st December 2020.
  • After this date, in the event of the EU and UK failing to agree a trade deal, an existing UK/NI licence will no longer be valid to drive here.
  • It is important that you exchange your licence now to be certain that you are legally entitled to drive on Irish roads after December 31st 2020.
  • By exchanging now you could avoid possible lengthy delays and the likelihood that you will not have a valid licence after December 31st 2020.
  • More details on how to exchange your licence and how to book an appointment at your nearest NDLS centre can be found at

What’s next?

We recommend that you complete your licence exchange application now at and avoid any potential delays.

Green Card Update

A green card is not required by Irish motorists travelling across the border into Northern Ireland, once they have a valid Irish insurance disc. This follows negotiations and an agreement between the transport authorities in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. The insurance disc will serve as proof of insurance to the legal authorities in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

At Aviva we always recommend that when you are driving your car that you travel with your current, and valid, Certificate of Insurance with you, as this shows the drivers who are covered to drive the car. So why not keep your Certificate of Insurance in the glove box with your Car Manufactures operational manual.

What should I do if I wish to make a change to my policy?

You can make many changes to your policy using our online service.

These changes include:

  • Renew your existing car policy
  • Add and remove drivers
  • View your existing car policy

You will need your email address and your Policy Number to register; your policy number is located on the left hand side of your policy document.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services Team by phone to make any changes on 1800 335 577 between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri.

How do I change my payment details?

Please call us on 1800 335 577 to change your payment details between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri.

How can I get proof of my No-claims Discount?

If your policy with us ends at renewal your renewal invitation will contain proof of your No-claims Discount.


Green Car Update

A green card is not required by Irish motorists travelling across the border into Northern Ireland, once they have a valid Irish insurance disc. This follows negotiations and an agreement between the transport authorities in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. The insurance disc will serve as proof of insurance to the legal authorities in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

At Aviva we always recommend that when you are driving your car that you travel with your current, and valid, Certificate of Insurance with you, as this shows the drivers who are covered to drive the car. So why not keep your Certificate of Insurance in the glove box with your Car Manufactures operational manual.

What is Breakdown rescue cover?

It covers the following types of breakdown: Mechanical breakdown, fire, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, punctures that need help to fix or to replace a wheel, lost keys, stolen keys and keys broken in the lock or locked in the car.  Cover applies in the 32 counties of Ireland and in England, Scotland and Wales.

Am I covered for a breakdown?

Yes, all Aviva direct private motor policies include breakdown rescue cover as standard Help Line Number: Freephone 1800 44 88 88 accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can other people drive my car on my policy?

Anyone that drives your vehicle should be named on the policy. You can add a driver using MyAviva. You will need your email address and your Policy Number to register; your policy number is located on the left hand side of your policy document. Once logged in follow the steps.

Do I have cover to drive someone else’s car under my policy?

This cover will only apply if it is shown under Section 5 (b) of your current Certificate of Insurance.

Please be aware:

  1. This cover is for Third party only, which means we will cover you for claims made against you by other people for personal injury or damage to their property but we will not pay for damage to the car you are driving.
  2. This cover only applies to you the policyholder and not any named driver. 
  3. All other conditions of this cover are shown in Section 2 of your Motorcare policy booklet.

Automatic temporary cover

Your insurance is automatically transferred to any car loaned to you, while your car is being repaired in any registered garage. Therefore no need to call & transfer your insurance!

Just make sure:

  1. The car loaned to you is not greater than 2000cc
  2. It's for no longer than 1 week 

NB: The above does not apply if endorsement (special condition) ‘PC11 Excluding driving of other cars’ is listed. Your list of endorsements can be seen on your policy schedule.

Will my car insurance allow me to drive abroad?

We will automatically extend your existing cover within the EU, for up to 31 days. (See page 3 of our MotorCare Policy Booklet for more information).

The following cover does not apply when you are using your car abroad.

  • Driving of other cars under Section 2 D (see page 17 of policy booklet for more information)
  • Section 6 – Breakdown Rescue.

If you need a Green Card, we will give you one free of charge. Please contact us at least one week before your journey.

What's the difference between a main driver and a named driver?

The main driver is the person who drives the vehicle most often.

Named drivers are additional drivers who are entitled to drive the vehicle under the policy.

MultiCar Discount

How do I get the MultiCar discount?

When you’re getting your online quote and if any member of your household has a currently private car policy with Aviva Direct, select "Yes" when asked the following question: “Does any member of your household currently have a private car policy with Aviva Direct?”

When you’re getting your quote over the phone we will ask you if any members of your household currently have a private car policy with Aviva Direct. You will be asked to provide the policy number of the existing Aviva Direct car policy to ensure you are entitled to the discount.

Is the Aviva MultiCar discount available on more than 2 insurance policies?

Yes. This discount is available on up to five policies per household.

Do car insurance renewal dates need to be the same to avail of Aviva MultiCar?

No, we can give you a car insurance quote for the second car even if the existing Aviva policy has a different renewal date. Once the renewal is due on the second car insurance policy the discount will be applied. 

Does the renewal date have to be the same for all policies?

No, the renewal dates will not change.

How does the no-claim discount work with Aviva MultiCar?

If there are two or more drivers in your household insured with Aviva Multicar, then each policyholder will retain their existing no claims discount, if applicable, subject to a minimum premium of €310.

Can the Aviva MultiCar payments be split so each vehicle policyholder can pay their own car insurance premium?

Yes, the car insurance premium can be paid for each individual policy. It can be paid by monthly direct debit or by annual credit or debit card payment.

Will I get one set of documents for all policies?

No, you will get individual sets of documents for each policy.

Can the cover be tailored for each vehicle under an Aviva MultiCar policy?

Yes. Each policyholder can tailor their main car insurance cover options, excess and any optional extras on their policy.

How will my Aviva MultiCar saving be calculated?

If there is more than one Aviva Direct car insurance policy in your household, we will give a discount of 10% on the second and any subsequent cars. All vehicles must be owned by members of the same household and registered at the same address.

What is the basic excess?

Each vehicle on an Aviva MultiCar policy has an excess. You can choose the excess separately for each car insurance policy. For vehicles with comprehensive car insurance cover the standard excess is €300, but you can choose to reduce this to €125 for an additional premium.

If one vehicle availing of the MultiCar discount has a claim will it affect the no-claim discount on the other policies?

The no-claim discount would only be affected on that particular vehicle.

What do I do if I already have more than one existing motor policy with you and want to get the MultiCar discount?

If you already insure more than one vehicle with us on separate policies you can transfer to a MultiCar policy if you call us when one of your vehicles comes up for renewal. In certain circumstances it may be cheaper not to avail of our MultiCar discount. We can advise on the best option for you.

How will my Aviva MultiCar saving be calculated?

If you have more than one car insurance policy with Aviva, we will give you a 10% discount on the second and subsequent cars. All vehicles must be owned by members of the same household and registered at the same address.


What discounts can I get?

We offer you a variety of discounts on your car insurance. For a full list of policy discounts - click here.

Do I need to provide proof of my No-claims Discount?

Yes, this is required when you are taking out your private motor policy with us. Unless we already have your No-claims Discount on file, you will have to provide proof of your No-claims Discount (NCD) with your application.

Your proof of No-Claims Discount can usually be found in your renewal invitation letter from your previous insurer.

How long is No-claims Discount for motor insurance valid for?

Your No-claims Discount (NCD) will be valid for 2 years after the expiration of your last policy, provided it is not being used on another policy.

Can I use my No-claims Discount on more than one vehicle?

No, you earn the no-claim discount on each car separately if you insure more than one car with us.

What's the biggest No-claims Discount I can get on my car insurance?

With Aviva if no claim is made or arises in a five year period of insurance the reduction is 50%, which represents the maximum No-Claims Discount Aviva offer.


Why should I receive my policy documents online?

Did you know Aviva are the first major insurer worldwide to target Net Zero carbon by 2040?

But what is Net Zero? It's the balance between the amount of carbon emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. And a way that we can get there together is by reducing our paper usage.

We’ve made all our policy documents including car insurance certificates and discs available online through MyAviva.

So why not join over 80% of new Aviva customers who choose to receive their policy documentation online?

How do I receive my policy documents online? 

If you’re a car customer – log in to MyAviva to change your preferences.

  1. Log in to your MyAviva account and select Access and edit policy in the 'My car insurance policies' section.
  2. In the 'My car policy' page, select the View/edit profile details button under the Additional changes heading.
  3. Select Yes to the I want to view my documents online' question under the 'Your documentation' heading.

That's it, you'll now receive your policy documents online.

Or you can simply complete this form to request your policy documents online.

When will I receive my documents?

Your policy documentation, including your annual car insurance certificate and disc, will be made available or issued within 5 days or after the start date of your policy whichever is the later:

Through MyAviva: If you're opted-in to online documentation.
By post: If you're not opted-in to online documentation.

Still waiting on your documents? Let us know through our contact form.

How do I print my certificate and disc?

  1. Login to MyAviva and select your car insurance policy. 
  2. Click ‘View Documents’ 
  3. Select 'Access my certificate and disc’
  4. Select 'Certificate and Disc'
  5. Open PDF
  6. Click Print - please note, in certain browsers you will need to click ‘download’ on the PDF to enable printing

Make sure your printer:

  • Has A4 white paper, 
  • Is set to print in ‘portrait’ and ‘full colour’

Your disc has been designed to conform to the following specifications:

  • Disc width 85-95mm 
  • Disc height 70-80mm tall
  • Green band width 8-12mm

What if I am having issues printing my certificate and disc?

If you’re unable to print your certificate and disc or don’t have a colour printer – we can post them to you.

Simply log in to MyAviva and select your car insurance policy.

Click ‘View Documents’. You will need to select 'agree and access'  before scrolling to the bottom of the page to select 'reissue by post' 

Once selected you’ll receive your annual car insurance certificate and disc by post within 5 working days.

Am I insured if I have been asked to provide additional documents?

Yes. Once you buy your car insurance, you have temporary cover for up to 30 days until we receive your additional documents.

Once we have received and verified your documents your annual car insurance certificate and disc will be made available or issued within 5 days or after the start date of your policy whichever is the later:

Through MyAviva: If you're opted-in to online documentation.
By post: If you're not opted-in to online documentation.

Am I insured if I haven’t received my documents yet?

If you have just started a new policy, or you have made an amendment to an existing policy, we will need to issue your new documents online through MyAviva or by post. Your cover will start from the date and time you have selected, so you will be insured to drive whilst waiting on your documents to be issued or delivered.

Please keep your policy reference number with you when you are driving, as if you are stopped this will make it easier for the Gardaí to confirm your cover.

How can I get proof of my No-claims Discount?

If your policy with us ends at renewal your renewal invitation will contain proof of your No-claims Discount.

Why has my premium increased?

The calculation of a premium is the result of a complex interaction between many rating factors. Find out more.


How can I make a complaint?

We aim to give excellent service to all our customers; however, we recognise that things may occasionally go wrong. We will do our best to deal with your complaint as effectively and quickly as possible. Please click here for further information on how to make a complaint.

General claim queries

What information do I need to provide when calling to make a claim?

  • Once we know that you’re safe, we will ask you some personal details such as your name and policy number/registration, if you have it to hand.
  • We’ll then talk through with you what’s happened and what damage there is to your car.
  • We’ll need details of anyone else who has been involved – witnesses or passengers in any cars involved as well as details of any other cars and their drivers.
  • We’ll then get your claim moving and let you know what will happen next.

What should I do when I’ve been in an accident?

  • You should notify the Gardaí immediately
  • Note the insurance details of the Third Party involved
  • Note the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any independent witnesses
  • If safe to do so take some photos
  • Do not admit liability
  • Contact our 24 hour claim helpline on 1800 147 147

How will I know who’s at fault?

Your Personal Claims Handler will ask you to describe what happened in order to give you an initial view as to who responsibility lies with.

What happens if I need a replacement vehicle?

Our standard policies will provide a small courtesy car such as a Nissan Micra or similar if you use one of our Approved Repairers. We cover up to 7 days if your car is repairable and 10 days if your car is a total loss/write off.

What is an excess?

The first amount of any claim you must pay. We pay the balance.

What excess will I need to pay and when?

Your excess amount is stated on your policy schedule. Some claim types require you to pay an excess and some do not.  Please see the table below for when an excess is payable.

Claim type Excess payable
Accidental damage to your car  
Vandalism damage to your car  
Vehicle, property damage and injury claims made against you  
Windscreen damage (except sunroof)  
Fire damage to your car  
Theft or attempted theft to your car  

Will you waive the excess if the accident is not my fault?

The policy excess will always apply if you claim for damage to your own car with Aviva. When we recover our claims cost from the third party insurer we can mention your excess and they normally reimburse you directly. Please note it is up to you to claim this directly from the third party insurer as Aviva can only reclaim money we have paid out.

Can I claim under my policy if I am injured in an accident?

If you are seriously injured while driving and you lose a limb or the use of a limb, your hearing or eye sight, your policy has a Personal Accident Section that provides limited cover depending on the cover you bought when you took the policy out. If the worst happens and you or your partner dies, your estate can claim the same amount.

Can I claim for my injuries under the other driver’s policy?

Yes, if the other driver was at fault, we can put you in touch with a Specialist who can claim compensation from the other party on your behalf, this is covered as standard under your policy.

Motor legal expenses: 0818 253 065
Legal expenses is provided by ARAG Legal Protection Limited

Is Wear & tear or Mechanical damage covered?

No these are not covered under your insurance policy, they may however be covered under your warranty if you have one with a garage.

Repair Queries

What happens if my car needs repairing?

Depending on your cover, we organise repairs to get you back on the road using Aviva Motor Services (the easiest and fastest way to get your car repaired) or a garage of your choice. If your car can't be fixed we'll work with you to settle the claim.

Is there a list of Aviva Motor Services Garages? 

Yes, wherever you are in Ireland, you’re never far from an Aviva Motor Services garage.

What should I do if I am not happy about the repairs to my car?

All of our Aviva Motor Services garages carry out repairs to the highest standards. However if you are unhappy with any aspect of the repairs please let the Aviva Motor Services garage know as soon as possible so they can make it right. If they cannot resolve the issue please let us know immediately.

Will the repairs affect my warranty?

You will need to check this with your car manufacturer but remember our Approved Repairers will offer a Lifetime guarantee on all repair work (whilst the vehicle remains owned by you) 

Write Off/Total Loss queries

What does the New Car replacement benefit on my policy mean?

In some cases where your car is less than 1 year old we will offer to replace your vehicle with a new vehicle of the same make, model and specification, if one is available. If you do not want to accept the replacement car or one is not available, you will be offered the Pre Accident Value of your car. We will take ownership of your car and arrange for it to be sold.

What is my car worth?

If your car is a total loss we will look at other cars currently for sale of a similar make and model to establish what the market value of the car is. We also have access to valuation guides. We will talk to you about your mileage and the condition of the vehicle as well as asking for information about any extras that you had fitted to the car to make sure we get as close as we can to the correct value of your vehicle.

Can I reclaim the tax?

Only if your car is deemed an End of Life Vehicle (ELV). If deemed Beyond Economic Repair (BER) the engineer will include this in his valuation.

What happens if I disagree with the valuation?

We like to think that we get our valuations right first time; however we recognise that our valuation won’t always meet our customer’s expectations. We would always recommend that you look first at something like Autotrader/Carzone or a main dealer website to see what cars of a similar make and model are selling for. You will either find that we are offering a fair amount, or you will find you have the evidence to send us to challenge our calculations.

Can I keep my car if it is a write off/total loss?

You can keep the car if you want to. However that will reduce the amount of the settlement by an amount equivalent to what the salvage/damaged car is worth.

Beyond Economical Repair (BER) vehicles can be put back on the road but require a certificate of roadworthiness as explained below. End of Life Vehicles (ELV) have to be disposed of. As last owner of this vehicle you are obliged under EU Directive 2000/53/EC to have the vehicle scrapped at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Aviva will supply details of a registered ATF so that you can easily arrange to have your vehicle scrapped.

Should you decide to repair the BER vehicle (at your own additional expense) and put it back on the road, you will require a certificate of roadworthiness. This certificate must be obtained from an independent engineer at your own expense. If this certificate is not obtained, we will not be in a position to put this vehicle back on cover. Any further queries in relation to this please refer to our Customer Services Team on 1800 335 577or your Broker if you have one.

Will you cancel my policy if my car is a Total Loss?

No, we won’t do anything with your policy until you tell us to. Most customers simply call us on 1800 335 577 when they buy a new car and substitute the new car for the old car on their existing policy. All cars are rated differently, sometimes there may be an additional premium but there may also be a refund.

If you do not intend replacing the car, call our Customer Services Team on 1800 335 577and they can talk to you about what is involved in cancelling the policy.

Theft claim queries

Am I covered for personal belongings?

We will pay up to €150 for any one event for any loss of or damage to personal belongings in the car caused by fire, accident or theft. We may, if you ask, pay the owner of the property directly. If we make a payment under this section, it will not affect your No-Claims Discount.

Windscreen/Glass Claims

How do I claim for damage to my Windscreen/side windows?

Unlimited Glass cover for your windscreen or any other car window (except sunroofs) is standard on all Comprehensive car insurance policies when you use our partners Mr. Windscreen or Autoglass. It’s an optional extra on Third Party Fire & Theft policies (check your policy schedule for cover). You can call them directly on the numbers below. If you want to use your own repairer please contact our claims team on 1800 147 147 before you do.

Happy to use our Windscreen Partners?

Then call either Mr. Windscreen (0818 512 345) or Autoglass (01 409 0900).

Do I have to use the Aviva Windscreen Partners?

No you do not have to use our Windscreen Partners. However, you need to be aware that there are restrictions in the amount that we will pay if you choose to use someone other than our Windscreen Partners. Please contact our claims team on 1800 147 147 to discuss your cover.

Will I lose my No-claims Discount (NCD) if I claim for my replacement windscreen?

No, any claim that is only for windscreens or windows (or scratches to paintwork from a broken glass) will not affect your NCD

What will happen if more than one window is broken in one incident?

Your policy does not limit the number of panes of glass you can claim for if more than one is damaged in one incident. However if the costs exceeds the value of the car we may choose to treat the car as a total loss.

Lost or stolen keys

What if my car keys are lost or stolen?

If the vehicle keys or lock transmitter of your vehicle is lost or stolen, we will pay for the cost of replacing:

  1. the door locks and boot lock;
  2. the ignition steering lock; and
  3. the lock transmitter and central-locking interface.

However, you must prove to us that any person who may have your keys or transmitter is likely to know where you keep your car.

We will not take off the excess and your No-Claims Discount will not be affected if you claim under this section.

Payment Queries

How quickly will I get paid?

All claims are different and vary in their complexity making it difficult to say how long a claim will take to settle. However we do promise not to delay your claim without reason and that once a settlement has been agreed, we will issue payment as quickly as possible.

No-claims Discount Queries (claims related)

Why is my claim impacting my No-claims Discount/Renewal price when the accident was not my fault?

If Aviva have paid for the damage to your car, your No-claims Discount will be impacted until we actually get the money we paid under your claim, back from the other insurer. Once the recovery is made, your No-claims Discount will be reset and your premium adjusted.

Will a small claims count as a claim on my No-claims Discount?

Accidental or vandalism claims, regardless of the amount will count as a claim against your No-Claims Discount.

Can I repay Aviva if I want to reinstate my No-Claims Discount?

Yes, you can repay us at a later stage if you wish and we will re instate your No-Claims Discount.

Gender Directive Ruling

What does the Gender Directive Ruling mean?

A ruling made in the European Court of Justice stated that a derogation from the general rule of unisex premiums and benefits found within the EU Gender Directive 2004/113/EC was invalid with effect from 21 December 2012.

The ruling ensures the equal treatment of men and women in relation to the supply of goods and services. It means that Insurers cannot consider an individual’s gender when calculating rates or benefits.

Declined a Quote

I was declined a car quote, what's next?

If you are unable to secure a quotation in the market including your renewal, you can refer your case to the Declined Cases Agreement. The Declined Cases Agreement (DCA) is a mechanism whereby motorists who experience difficulty in obtaining motor insurance can apply for cover under this programme.

Most Insurance companies are party to an agreement with the Department of Transport. Insurers, through the mechanism of the Declined Cases Committee, will not decline to provide a motor policy for those individual proposers who have approached at least three insurers and have not been able to obtain insurance cover where the proposer is:

  1. One of their existing Motor policyholders or one who has held a policy with them in the preceding three years, or
  2. A new Proposer who has not within the preceding three years held motor insurance in his own name,

Except where to provide such a policy would be contrary to the public interest.

A committee representing all Insurers who are party to this agreement has been established for the purpose of administrating the Agreement. For further information please contact the Consumer Information and assistance service within Insurance Ireland, 5, Harbourmaster Place, IFSC, Dublin 1 (Telephone: 01 676 1914, Fax: 01 676 1943, Email: The service can advise you on how to proceed further, and may be able to help in resolving the problem.

To request a letter from Aviva, please fill out the following form. Please note that you will require your quote reference number. Proceed to Form.

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