Buildings and Contents Insurance

At Aviva, we make home insurance simple and offer three different types of cover

Types of home insurance

We have three different types of cover to suit your needs. Choose from: Buildings and contents insurance, contents insurance or buildings only insurance.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

What’s included in buildings and contents cover?

Your home and permanent fixtures, such as outbuildings, interior decorations, fixtures and fittings, as well as fences and walls are all covered with this insurance.

You're insured against fire damage, storm damage and leaks. You can read more on this and any exclusions in our HomeCare Policy Document.

Personal belongings of anyone in your household are also protected against damage or loss i.e. as a result of burglary/fire.

Your furniture, clothes, possessions and even up to €400 worth of cash are also covered.

Contents Insurance

This insurance covers items that you would normally take with you when moving home.

What’s included in contents insurance?

The personal possessions of anyone in your household are protected against damage or loss i.e. as a result of burglary/fire under this insurance.

Your furniture, clothes, possessions and even up to €400 worth of cash are also covered.

We offer contents only cover on a 'new for old' basis. This means that in most cases we replace any stolen or damaged items with new items.

If you’re renting from a landlord, contents insurance could be the best option.

To arrange this insurance, please call us on 1800 332 211.

Buildings Insurance

If you are building a new home and only require buildings insurance this may be the product for you.

What’s included in buildings insurance?

If you have employed a contractor to build your home (not a self-build). Buildings only insurance can provide cover for fire, explosion, lightning, earthquakes, and smoke damage along with architects', surveyors', legal and other fees and associated costs until your home is fully built.

Once built, you can add contents cover to this insurance. You will then have buildings and contents insurance.

To arrange this insurance, please call us on 1800 332 211.

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How much buildings and/or contents cover do I need?

Buildings insurance

You should base your cover on the cost of rebuilding your home, plus an additional 10% for legal fees, and not on its current market value.

A great resource is the House Rebuilding Guide for Home Insurance from the Society of Chartered Surveyors. This guide notes important things to consider when it comes to choosing home insurance.

Contents insurance

At Aviva, we give you two options when selecting the level of cover you need for your contents:

  • Contents as a percentage of your building’s insurance
    With this cover, you can choose from 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of your buildings cover. E.g., if you insured your buildings for €200,000 and have chosen to insure your contents for 30% of this amount, you will have €60,000 in contents cover. Note: this option is not available where you have selected contents only cover.
  • Individual contents
    With this option, you select the level of cover you require to insure the contents in your home.

Policy Benefits included under Buildings & Contents Insurance

You can enjoy the following benefits with Aviva’s buildings & contents insurance cover. Cover limits do apply on our benefits, see our HomeCare policy booklet for more details.

Alternative accommodation

Up to €1,000 title deeds coverage

Coverage for visitors’ belongings up to €400

Refunded payments for stolen credit or debit cards

Frozen food replacement costs

Door lock replacements

Fire brigade charges

Legal expenses

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Important documents

Important information about your the services we provie and Aviva's home insurance. You may find our glossary of terms helpful when reviewing your home insurance documents. Our assumptions are also available to you.

HomeCare Policy Booklet

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