Aviva Contents Insurance

Your possessions can make a house a home. Protect them for the future with contents insurance from Aviva.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your personal items that you would want to protect from fire or flood damage, theft, or accidental damage. If you rent your home and would like to look after your items, or if you have some expensive items such as jewellery or electronics that require our specified items cover that you would like to safeguard, contents insurance can help.

Contents insurance as part of Aviva's home insurance products offering.

Contents insurance?

To arrange this insurance, please call us on

1800 332 211

Monday to Friday 9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

What’s included in contents cover?

  • The personal possessions of anyone in your household are protected against damage or loss i.e. as a result of burglary/fire under Aviva contents insurance.
  • Your furniture, clothes, possessions and even up to €400 worth of cash are also covered.
  • We offer contents only cover on a 'new for old' basis. This means that in most cases we replace any stolen or damaged items with new items.

If you’re renting from a landlord, contents insurance could be the best option.

To arrange contents insurance with Aviva, please call us on 1800 332 211.

How much contents cover do I need?

With Aviva contents insurance, we offer:

  • Individual contents

With this option, you select the level of cover you require to insure the contents in your home. It’s very important to make sure you value your items correctly to avoid being under-insured. Try Aviva’s Contents Insurance Calculator to calculate the value of your contents.

Important documents

Here you can find important information about your coverage and the services we provide. You may find our glossary of terms helpful when reviewing your home insurance documents. Our assumptions are also available to you.

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