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We have two different types of cover to suit your needs: Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft.

  • 15% off when you buy onlineFootnote 1
  • Access to a Legal Advice helplineFootnote 2
  • Breakdown rescue comes as standard
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Why choose Aviva for car insurance?

  • Breakdown rescue cover

    Breakdowns happen. If it happens to you, there's no need to worry. Breakdown rescue cover is included as standard with all our policies. And we're here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you ever need us.

  • Safe Driver recognition

    If you're a Safe Driver, there are more ways to save with Aviva.

    If you haven't incurred any penalty points, you could get a discount of up to 20%Footnote [3]. Meanwhile, an Advanced Driver qualification can reduce your premium by 20%Footnote [4] as well.

  • No Claims Discount Protection

    Looking to protect your No Claims Discount of up to 50%? You can opt to take out step-back and/or protected No Claims Discount cover for an extra costFootnote [5].

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Find the right choice of cover for you

There are two types of car insurance cover: Comprehensive insurance or Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance. But how do you choose between them? Well, it depends on what level of cover you want. 

What is comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive insurance is as its name suggests, comprehensive. With this type of cover, you'll be protected against windscreen or accidental damage – in addition to everything covered by Third Party, Fire and Theft.

What is third party, fire and theft?

Third Party, Fire and Theft covers damage to your car by theft, attempted theft, or fire – and if your car is stolen. In the event of an accident, it covers claims made against you by other people too e.g., for a personal injury or damage to their property.

Discover our great car insurance features and benefits

With Aviva car insurance cover, peace of mind comes as standard. And there's also a whole range of other great benefits you can take advantage of with your policy. Explore all our car insurance benefits.

  • Driving other cars
    You'll get third-party cover to drive other people's cars if you have a full EU or full UK licence (which is a current and valid licence to drive in the Republic of Ireland). Be sure to check your policy, as some restrictions do apply.
  • Get a free courtesy car
    Need to make a claim and take your car in for repair? We'll give you a courtesy car for up to seven days while yours is being fixed by an Aviva Motor Services repairer.
  • Protect your windows and windscreen
    Our comprehensive policies offer unlimited window and windscreen cover when you use our aligned windscreen repairers. If you use any other windscreen repairer, there is a limit of €225 for any single event.
  • Cover replacement locks
    We've got you covered up to the value of €1,000 if your car keys or lock transmitter are lost or stolen. Be sure to check your policy, as some restrictions do apply.
  • Call our free 24/7 claims helpline
    We're always here! Our claims helpline is open all day and night – 365 days of the year. So, if you need us, just call 1800 147 147.
  • Access to a legal advice helpline
    Need help with a personal legal matter? For no extra charge, we offer confidential access to a legal advice helpline so you get the expert support you need.

Get exclusive car insurance discounts

We aim to provide the best value car insurance in the Republic of Ireland. So, that's why we can offer loads of great discounts to help you save money when you're comparing quotes.

Claims free

Up to 50% off your policy if you have 5 years' claims-free driving in your nameFootnote [6].

No penalty points

Up to 20% off if you have no penalty points on your licenceFootnote [3].

Multicar discount

10% off the cost of insuring a second car in your household with our Multicar discountFootnote [7].

Free travel insurance

15% off both policies when you insure your car AND home with Aviva. We'll even throw in free travel insurance for one year!Footnote [8]

Personalise your policy with our extra cover options

Did you know you can get a car insurance quote from Aviva that's totally unique to you? That's because, with our optional extras, you get to decide what to include and what to leave out. Want to know more? See all extra cover options.

You can choose from a range of options – including:

Protect Your No Claims Discount

JourneyWise Accident Cover

Get a car insurance quote in minutes

All you have to do to get your car insurance quote is use our simple form and fill out a few basic details. We will also give you a 15% discount when you buy online.¹

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Cover that's right for you? We've thought of that

Each driver's needs are different but that doesn't mean your policy needs to be.

Our car insurance is suitable for everyone who's on the lookout for a great value online quote.

Car Insurance for women

At Aviva we have a range of benefits and optional extras that will cater for your everyday needs and lifestyle.

Electric car insurance

Got an electric car? Or perhaps you’re thinking about making the switch? Car insurance from Aviva has been designed to meet the needs of electric car owners.

Over 50s

Our car insurance benefits include a No Claims Discount of up to 50% and a straight forward claims process, giving you peace of mind whatever your age.

Our car insurance FAQs

Find out the most asked questions when it comes to car insurance

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Can I still get a Multicar discount if our renewal dates are different?

Where can I find my policy documents?

How long will it take to receive my policy documents?

Can I change my car insurance policy?

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How do I change my payment details?

Can I get proof of my No Claims Discount?

Can I take my car abroad?

How do I get a Green Card?

Do I need a Green Card for the UK/Northern Ireland?

What does 'excess' mean – and do I need one?

Can I get a courtesy car if my car needs to be repaired due to damage that results in a claim under my policy?

Am I covered for personal belongings?

Can I claim for window and windscreen damage?

Can I claim for lost or stolen keys?

What is not insured by my car insurance policy?

What is a no claims discount?

Looking for more information? Explore our policy documents

When it comes to finding the right cover, there's a lot of important information to learn. Some of it could seem unfamiliar, but we'll help you find out what's what. Our glossary of terms may be helpful when reviewing your documents. And our assumptions are also available, which are details we assume to be correct when offering you a quote.

The documents below contain everything else you might need to know before you get a quote.

MotorCare Policy Booklet

Our MotorCare Policy Booklet gives you an in-depth understanding of what our policies cover and include details on our no-claims policy to what events are insured by Aviva.

Terms of Business

Learn more about our terms of business that set out the basis on which Aviva Direct Ireland Limited will provide insurance intermediary services to you. Explore our full terms of business in our guide.

Motor Legal Expenses Booklet

Our Motor Legal Expenses Booklet covers in detail the standard benefit you will receive with your private policy.

MotorCare IPID

Looking for a quick summary of what our insurance policy covers? Our MotorCare guide does just that, giving you a quick view of what’s included in our motor insurance product.

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