Commercial property

This policy applies to you if you own commercial property that is:

  • Income-generating
  • An investment
  • Held in trust

You can have up to 20 premises on a single policy.

What's covered?

The commercial property owners product includes:

  • Protection from material damage
  • Business interruption (and loss of rent)
  • Employers and public liability
  • Legal protection

We will cover the following situations up to these standard limits:

Commercial property insurance cover limits

Subsidence Up to your sum insured
Inadvertent failure to insure materials Offices & residences up to €3 million, other materials up to €1million
Loss of metered units €25,000
Damage to grounds and landscaped gardens €10,000
Gardening equipment €10,000
Trace and access €25,000
Risk protection equipment replacement €25,000
Alternative accommodation Up to a reasonable limit
Stealing damage to buildings Up to your sum insured
Fire brigade charges €25,000
Subrogation waiver N/a
Loss of rent receivable Up to your sum insured
Inadvertent failure to insure for loss of rent €250,000 per situation
Full failure of utilities €25,000
Prevention of access €25,000
Loss of attraction €25,000
Managing agents premises N/a
Loss of investment income on late payment of gross rent N/a
Employer’s liability €13 million (standard)
Public liability €6.5 million (standard)
Commercial lease protection €65,000

Legal Protection cover is underwritten by DAS.

Risks are restricted to premises in the Republic of Ireland.

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