Top 5 risks

The risks below are based on our own insurance statistics and those reported by the Health & Safety Authority.

To protect your business from these and other risks, book an appointment with our risk assessment surveyors.

Health and safety

  1. Slips, trips and falls
  2. Manual handling injuries
  3. Falls from heights
  4. Plant and equipment injuries
  5. Falling objects

Property and business interruption

  1. Fire and smoke losses
  2. Security and theft
  3. Flooding and storm damage
  4. Arson or electrical damage
  5. Business continuity failure after a large loss

Road risks

  1. Poor driver training
  2. Poor or improper vehicle maintenance and upkeep
  3. Unsafe use of mobile phones
  4. Speed and driver inexperience
  5. Unrealistic delivery schedules and time pressures

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