A very special Christmas surprise!

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Witness pure excitement unfold as what appears to be a routine car fix turns into an unforgettable surprise for 12-year-old Taylor Swift superfan, Eleanor Foley.

Watch the video below to see how Aviva’s Breakdown Assistance Mechanic, David, made Eleanor’s dream come true just before Christmas!

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Transcript  for video Taylor Swift Tickets Giveaway

00:00:01 Dave Roadside Assist Mechanic

Hi, I’m Dave. A roadside assist mechanic for Aviva here in Cork.

We’re here in Cork today to surprise a very special Taylor Swift fan just before Christmas.

12-year-old Eleanor Foley caught Aviva’s attention a few months ago when she sent a heartfelt letter to the Aviva team.

Let’s go visit the family home to find out more.

Eleanor has absolutely no idea why we’re here. She thinks we’re here to fix her mam’s car. But we’ve got a special surprise up our sleeves.

00:00:26 Eleanor’s mam

So, Eleanor is a 12-year-old little girl who’s just started secondary school. She loves camogie. She loves football, she loves music.

Eleanor has loads of Taylor Swift posters. She has the little things that Taylor would wear to concerts like the glitter ball earrings and the red glasses.

She has the friendship bracelets, with all the albums. When Eleanor didn’t get the tickets, it was like a death in the family.

She was really upset, and everyone was gutted for her when she didn’t get them. I said to Eleanor when she didn’t get the tickets, “Come here, we’re customers of Aviva. Chance your arm with sending them an email.”

And off she went upstairs to her bedroom and wrote this email. I can just imagine what she’ll be like going to a concert, seeing her in the flesh. It’s just..I’d say it will be all her wishes come true.

00:01:25 Dave

So how long are you an Aviva customer?

00:01:28 Eleanor’s mam

I’m with Aviva years, home and motor insurance.

00:01:33 Dave

Okay, and have you contacted Aviva about anything lately?

00:01:36 Eleanor’s mam

The car has been giving trouble the last couple of days, so it gave trouble again this morning. So I rang breakdown assist and out you came.

00:01:43 Dave

And Eleanor, what about you?

Because I’ve a letter that you sent to Aviva here.

Something about Taylor Swift tickets?

00:01:52 Eleanor

Oh Janey Mac!

00:01:53 Dave

Aviva have decided to give you and your mother two tickets to Taylor Swift in the Aviva Stadium next year.

What do you think about that?

00:02:01 Eleanor

Thank you!

I can’t believe I got the tickets. And it’s actually really, really exciting because I just thought I was going for an asthma appointment, you know?

But it’s, it’s a lot more than that. When I couldn’t get ticket, it was actually devastating. I remember I was hiding under the table, wanting to see how far we were in queue to see if I was going to get them or not. Like I was absolutely devastated when I found out.

I went onto Aviva and I went, right, I’m going to get these Taylor Swift tickets one way or another. And I went on and I went to the compliments section, and I changed from determined to a super nice person.

I went, “Hello, my name is Eleanor. I’m 12-years-ol and I would love Taylor Swift tickets, please.”

So, I was determined to get them one way or another.

00:02:45 Eleanor’s mam

You know, she is a major fan and, you know what? She’s a great kid. She’s really good to all her brothers and sisters. I think everyone is going to be really happy for Eleanor that she got the tickets.

00:02:56 Eleanor

I’m really looking forward to the concert. Thank you so much!

00:03:04 Video ends.

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