Higher or Lower with Irish Rugby players

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As proud sponsor of the home of Irish Rugby, Aviva Stadium, we’re just like the rest of the nation and getting behind the team ahead of the biggest tournament of all this autumn.

Earlier this year, we decided to put a few players through their paces with a game of Higher or Lower! Jimmy O’Brien, Jordan Larmour and Jack Conan were the brave contestants tackling questions on their teammates, France, and plenty more.

Watch the video below to see who came out on top…

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Transcript  for video Aviva game of higher or lower

Kathy: At Aviva we know that the Irish rugby team has got what it takes to turn up, every time.

But today, we'll find out if they've got what it takes to turn up or turn down. I'm your host, Kathy Kavanagh, and today we're going to be putting to the test Jimmy O'Brien, Jack Conan and Jordan Larmour as we play Higher or Lower.

Okay, lads, so the rules are easy. I'm going to read some statements and all you have to do is use your arrows to point in the direction of whether the answer is higher or lower.

Are you ready?

Jordan: Ready

Jack: Let’s go

Jimmy: Ready to go!

Kathy: Over 50,000 Irish citizens live in France. The correct answer is lower.

Approximately 30,000.

Jack: Hard luck Jimmy!

Jimmy: You might have caught up to me. You might have caught me.

Jordan: Get out of here, man!

Kathy: In 2022, 40% of Peter O'Mahony’s Instagram posts were of his garden.

Jordan: Way more.

Jack: Yeah, I’d say it’s at least 50.

Kathy: The correct answer is higher, 50%.

Well done lads! I take it you follow his Instagram posts so.

Jack: I have him muted.

Kathy: Around 10.5 million people live in the Paris metropolitan area.

The correct answer is higher at 11.1.

Jordan: Oh yes!

Kathy: Well done Jordan!

The Irish forward pack weighs more than a Toyota Yaris.

Jack: Yes, Yes.

Jimmy: No, I’m gonna go the other way.

Kathy: The correct answer is lower.

Jack: I'll have that one fact checked and I'm stricken from the record please if it was incorrect.

Is someone keeping track of who's winning?

Jimmy: You're definitely not!

Jack: I think I've only gotten two wrong. I'm winning.

Jimmy: No!

Jordan: Nope! Cheating.

Kathy: 40% of Irish cars failed their NCT in 2021.

The correct answer is higher, at 47.2%.

Jack: 40% of cars failed!

Jordan: You need to do your research.

Jimmy: You’re losing all the 50/50s here.

Jack: I’m tryin’ to save the planet.

Kathy: France holds the world record for most roundabouts with approximately 25,000 across the country.

Jimmy: Wait?

Jack: Wait…25?

Kathy: The correct answer is higher, 30,000. So you all got that one right, congratulations.

The high-speed train network in France, the TGV has a maximum speed of 270 kilometers per hour.

The correct answer is higher at 300 kilometers per hour.

Jordan: Yes, I’m back! I’m back!

Kathy: Well done Jordan!

Jack: I didn’t think it would be that high.

Kathy: 99 million people visit France annually.

Jack: That’s a lot of people.

Jordan: It is a lot of people.

Jack: But I think it is like the biggest tourist destination in the world. I'm gonna go with higher.

Jordan: Alright we’ll go with higher.

Kathy: The correct answer is lower. It’s 89 million.

Jordan: Why didn’t I change, I was about to.

Jack: Can we get scores at the doors? Is that an option?

Jordan & Jimmy: No!

Kathy: Aviva Stadium is more than 2,000 kilometers away from Stade de France.

Jimmy: Just a guess.

Kathy: The correct answer is lower at 1,041.4.

So Jack is the winner.

Jordan: It’s weird you know that.

Kathy: The capacity of Aviva Stadium is 50,400. Higher or lower?

The correct answer is higher at 51,700.

All three got it right. Well done.

In 2022 Aviva Insurance donated over €250,000 in cash donations to charity.

Jimmy: More!

The correct answer is higher €300,000.

Jordan: What a company!

Jack: What a company!

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Kathy: And today's winner is… Jordan!

Jack: Jordo!

Jordan: Unlucky lads.

Kathy: Here’s your trophy.

Jordan: Thank you. Cheers!

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