SFDR Website Disclosures

These website disclosures will help you understand, compare and monitor the sustainability characteristics of different Funds available.
  • From 1 January 2023, SFDR (sustainable finance disclosure regulation) introduces a new requirement for each fund designated as Article 8”light green” or Article 9 “dark green” to provide an additional document known as a website disclosure. This new document is to be made available to support investors across pensions, savings and investment products in understanding the ESG (environmental, social and governance) characteristics of the fund and how the manager will achieve the funds stated objectives. These documents should be read in conjunction with other key literature relating to the fund range offered by Aviva.
  • The documents published on the Aviva website have been provided by the relevant fund manager and may reflect the ESG status of the underlying fund in which the Aviva fund invests. They have been published in full as provided by the fund manager to Aviva without change. Where Aviva has not received a document from the relevant Fund Manager for any funds designated as Article 8, we will publish these are the earliest opportunity in the future.
  • These documents are subject to change in the future and Aviva will endeavour to ensure that the most recent documents are published to our websites, at the earliest opportunity after receiving the update from the Fund Manager.
  • In order to invest in any of the Managed by You (SDIO) funds, a policyholder will be required to take out an account with Cantor Fitzgerald. 
  • The links to the Managed by You (SDIO) funds are to third party fund manager websites. The fund managers are responsible for updating the content within their literature.

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