Women take the lead when it comes to servicing the car

Women take the lead when it comes to servicing the car whilst men check their tyre pressure more frequently, according to new Aviva research

- Parking assist and cruise control most common safety features

10 February 2020, Dublin: It is a widely accepted fact that the more you look after your four wheels, the more likely it is to perform better for you.  Motorists want and expect that their personal transport will be reliable but are we doing enough to keep those engines running smoothly?  Recent research undertaken by Aviva General Insurance, Ireland’s leading insurance company found that males are more likely to check their tyre pressure and tread depth more frequently, with 18% of those surveyed saying that they did so on a weekly basis, whilst only 11% of women did so.  Some 32% of males admitted to checking on a monthly basis, while 27% of women said that they did.  Surprisingly, some 13% of those surveyed only carried out safety checks once a year or even less, with some never doing so.

The online research was conducted on behalf of Aviva by Red C who interviewed a representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18+.  The survey found that when it comes to servicing the car, women have the edge on their male counterparts as 71% of them had their car serviced at least once every year, compared to 61% of men.  In delving further and looking at the various age categories, 18-24-year olds, living outside of Dublin and driving diesel cars are more likely to service their vehicles every six months.  Over 55-year-old males, driving diesel cars are more likely to have them serviced based on the mileage that they do.

In terms of checking exterior lights, males, diesel drivers and those living outside of Dublin tend to check the exterior lights on their cars more frequently, with 22% checking them on a weekly basis and 25% doing so on a monthly basis.  However, almost 25% of those living outside of Dublin check exterior lights only once a year or less, with some admitting to never checking.

Some 19% of men surveyed said that they check on fluid levels each week, with only 9% of women saying that they do so.  However, 30% of females admit to checking these levels on a monthly basis while only 24% of mean said that they would do so.

Commenting Michael Bannon, Motor Underwriting Manager, Aviva General Insurance said:

Some drivers consider servicing their car as an additional cost, but it can actually save you money. Car owners that follow the manufacturers’ guidelines on servicing not only make sure that their car runs more efficiently and safely but they will minimise expensive repairs in the future. In addition, it is not enough that your car has a valid NCT disc, you must also continue to maintain it in a road worthy condition, or you risk attracting penalty points.

Of those surveyed who have a car, only four in 10 have a safety feature that they did not have before.  Parking assist and adaptive cruise control are the most common safety features that emerged.  When it came to the safety items that drivers carry in their cars, over 55-year-old males and diesel drivers are much more likely to carry some, but with no item standing out as a ‘must have’.  De-icing equipment is the most popular at 51% followed closely by hazard warning triangles (50%) and working torches at 48%.  Surprisingly high vis vests are the least likely to be kept in the car at only 44%.

“The number of safety features available to car buyers has grown in the past number of years, and it is important to understand how the various features operate and how they may help the drive avoid an accident.  Drivers’ buying new cars should understand if they are part of an optional package.  It’s important to know how they work as well.  Automated Emergency Braking (AEB) is one of the best features as at lower speeds it can help you avoid or reduce the severity of the most common type of accident, the rear-end collision. The other top safety features car buyers should consider include Blind Spot Information Systems (BLIS), Cross Traffic Alerts/AEB, Reversing Camera and lane assist”, concluded Michael Bannon.

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