A series of unfortunate events with Rory’s Stories

Things don’t always go to plan in life; Rory O’Connor, better known as comedian Rory’s Stories, has certainly found this out! Inspired by real life customer claims, join Rory as he experiences some untimely mishaps and unfortunate accidents– and finds himself saved by the skin of his teeth.

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Decoration Day

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00:00:04 Rory O’Connor

Just me and you wall

00:00:06 Rory O’Connor


00:00:22 Rory O’Connor

Quick cup of tea first

00:00:29 Rory O’Connor

Oh no!

00:00:31 Rory O’Connor

Oh, disaster!

00:00:34 Rory O’Connor

Is there paint on the couch?

00:00:36 Rory O’Connor

You could probably say that yeah, and a little bit on the floor as well.

00:00:40 Rory O’Connor

Is there anything you can do for me?


It’s time for a spring clean, and this year Rory has the job of giving the sitting room a fresh lick of paint – until the unthinkable happens…

Can you hear me now?

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00:00:03 Rory O’Connor

Yeah, yeah, I know. Yeah, yeah.

00:00:04 Rory O’Connor

I get you 100%.

00:00:05 Rory O’Connor


00:00:12 Rory O’Connor

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:00:15 Rory O’Connor

Okay, yeah, yeah...

00:00:18 Rory O’Connor

Yeah, go on I can hear you, yeah yeah.

00:00:21 Rory O’Connor

Go on

00:00:24 Rory O’Connor


00:00:29 Rory O’Connor

Ehh, can you still hear me?

00:00:33 Rory O’Connor

How am I gonna tell these I dropped my phone down the toilet?



A lengthy phone call has Rory bored to tears, but things go from bad to worse when his effort to take care of business goes down the drain …

Hop ball

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00:00:03 Rory O’Connor

Awh, I can't believe I'm going to be late for training.

00:00:34 Rory O’Connor


I literally arrived up to training, I was putting on my boots, and bang!

00:00:38 Rory O’Connor

I'm after hearing a thud, then I get out of my car and there's a big dint on the side of it.

00:00:42 Rory O’Connor

Okay. Okay. Thanks. Appreciate that. Right.

00:00:44 Rory O’Connor

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.

00:00:46 Rory O’Connor

Do you know what you can do with yourself ball?

Rory has just arrived at his local club for training, when a bad pass puts a dent in his spirits…

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