Life Insurance

I want to help my loved ones cope financially if the worst happened to me.

Life Insurance from Aviva

Life insurance from Aviva pays out a fixed amount, so it's the ideal way to help give your family a financial safety net. It comes with terminal illness cover as standard which means your policy could pay out on diagnosis of a terminal illness, rather than on death.

Mortgage Protection

I want to clear my mortgage debt if I die.

Mortgage Protection from Aviva

Provides life cover that reduces broadly in line with the balance outstanding on your mortgage with the option of adding specified illness cover.

Specified Illness cover

I want to be sure that I would be okay financially if I got a serious illness

Specified Illness from Aviva

No one wants to think they’ll be struck down with a serious illness – but unfortunately it can affect anyone, at any age and any time. If this happened to you, have you thought how you’d cope financially?

Income Protection

I want to be sure that I could pay my bills if I got sick or had an accident.

Income Protection from Aviva

Have you thought about how you would cope financially if you could not work due to illness or injury? Income Protection is insurance cover that provides you with a replacement income should accident or sickness keep you out of work for an extended period of time.

Protection from Aviva gives you access to additional features and options.

Available to all Aviva Protection customers at any time during their policy, from the very first day of cover – at no additional charge.

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