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When you need to be absolutely sure...

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, you’ll have questions. What happens now? What are the treatment options? Is the diagnosis correct?

At Aviva we understand that you need answers. That’s why we give you access to the Best Doctors® Second Medical Opinion service as part of your protection policy. At no extra charge and right from your first day of cover.

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Best Doctors® is a worldwide network of over 50,000 leading medical specialists across 450 specialitiesFootnote [1], who have been identified through the medical profession’s largest ongoing peer-to-peer survey.

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Dealing with medical issues can be one of the most difficult and frustrating situations to face. Once you've been diagnosed with a condition and you've received your treatment recommendations, important decisions have to be made. You might wonder if you've obtained all the right information and whether you have explored all your options. Is my diagnosis correct? What are the best treatment alternatives? Is surgery my only option?

In these types of uncertainty Best Doctors is there to help. We connect people coping with worrying medical conditions to the opinions of expertise and world class specialists so that you come to well informed decisions regarding your health.

00:00:48 How does it work?

Step one. The confidential process starts the moment you call Best Doctors. A nurse or medical team performs an intake interview and collects all of your relevant medical details, helping you to formulate the questions you want to ask to the specialist. The Best Doctors team supports you throughout the whole process.

Step two. With this information, Best Doctors collect all your medical files and tests and then select the international world class specialist from a network that is best suited to review your case.

Step three. The specialist carries out a thorough review of your medical information and creates a comprehensive report to review the diagnosis. Furthermore, the specialist will come up with suggestions for the best possible treatment and will answer all your questions.

Step four. The Best Doctors nurse causes you to go over the findings in depth before sending you the report in English. We encourage you to share the information with your current treating doctor to discuss the next steps in hand.

Step five. Best Doctors will be available at all times for any questions that may arise after reading your report with your treating doctor. When it comes to your health, you need certainty and reassurance and Best Doctors is here to support you.

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Second Medical Opinion

Peace of mind

Wouldn’t you feel better with access to a service where medical experts can help you make important decisions with confidence? That’s what Best Doctors® Second Medical Opinion service is all about.

At your request, a Best Doctors® specialist will review your medical files to help verify your diagnosis and treatment options. This can reduce the risk of complications that may result from a misdiagnosis, and help you and your doctor decide on the best course of action.

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But Second Medical Opinion isn’t just for serious life-threatening illnesses. You can get advice about any chronic or troubling ailments that affect your quality of life. You can even use the service for conditions diagnosed before you took out your Aviva policy.

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