How to deal with a cancelled holiday

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Here at Aviva, we understand how important a good holiday and some time away is. We hope that all of our customers’ travel plans run smoothly, but every now and again there can be a bump in the road.

If you need to unexpectedly change or cancel your holiday, do you know exactly what you’re covered for with your travel insurance? Don’t fret if not, we’ve put together everything you need to know!

If you need to cancel or change your holiday due to any of the following reasons, we will pay you up to €3000 per person insured:

  • The death, serious injury or sudden illness of you or an immediate family member
  • Complications to either your or an immediate family member’s pregnancy
  • If you must undergo a period of quarantine due to an illness or disease
  • Now including Covid-19 medical and cancellation cover.

Note: We will accept claims for the three instances above once you provide us with a medical note.

  • If the airline cancels your flight due to extreme weather, strikes or mechanical breakdown
  • You (the insurance policy holder) are called for compulsory jury service. Proof of this summons will need to be provided
  • Hijacking of the transport you are taking to your holiday destination
  • If you (the insurance policy holder) lose your job before making your trip and are receiving government payment benefits
  • If your home becomes uninhabitable due to serious damage
  • If your home is burgled, or an attempted burglary is made, and the police need to speak with you during a time you planned to travel or be on holiday

*All of the above are subject to exclusions which can be found within your policy document.

Note: If your flight is delayed for at least 12 hours, we will pay a €20 benefit for the first full 12 hours delay and a €10 benefit for each subsequent full 12 hour delay up to a maximum of €100. If your flight is delayed for at least 24 hours and you cancel your holiday due to this, we will pay up to €3,000 to cover this.

How to report a cancellation or change to your travel plans in order to make a claim:


If you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland, call 1800 940 515 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm). If you’re calling from outside the Republic of Ireland, including if you’re having a medical emergency from abroad, call our 24-hour international emergency service team on +353 (0) 1 440 1762.

Claim form

When you get through to our claim's helpline, ask for a travel claim form. This form will then come to you in the post. Once you get it, fill it out and gather all relevant receipts or documentation to do with your trip. Photocopy these and keep the original copies for yourself.

Cancelled trip

If reporting a trip cancellation, you’ll need to show us your cancellation invoice for your flights and accommodation, any unused travel tickets for the trip, and any relevant documentation to do with the reason for needing to cancel your holiday such as medical certificates, death certificates, redundancy letter or jury service letter.

Altered trip

If reporting a trip curtailment (altered trip) you’ll need to show us any receipts for additional travel and accommodation you had to make including flight tickets and confirmation, and any relevant documentation to do with the reason for needing to curtail your holiday.

If you have a medical emergency when on holiday abroad, you can contact Chubb Assistance on +353 (0) 1 440 1762 for advice or assistance (Aviva Travel Insurance is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE). If you came home early from holiday or cancelled a flight and didn’t contact Chubb Assistance at the time to let them know, before you put in your claim, we’ll need you to outline why.

Return Address

Return all of this, along with your original travel booking receipt to:

The Customer Services Manager,
Aviva Travel Insurance,
Merrion Hall,
Strand Road,
Dublin 4

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