Guide to Making a Claim

Making a Claim

A straightforward guide to making a car insurance claim

Making a car insurance claim may seem like a daunting task but we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you. Whether you’ve been in an accident or if your vehicle has been stolen or damaged you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s always good to be prepared, so we’ve put together this simple guide so that you know what to do should you need to make a claim at some point in the future.

What to do in the event of a collision

If you’ve been involved in an accident we’re here to help. Firstly there are some steps you need to take at the scene of the collision.

1. Check that any passengers in the vehicles involved are okay. If somebody is injured, call 999/112 and then notify the Gardaí about the accident.

2. Try to stay calm and exchange details with the other driver(s). Make sure you obtain their insurance details, vehicle registration number and contact details. Take the names, addresses and contact details of any witnesses, including the Gardaí.

3. Assess the amount of damage caused and gather as many details as possible about the incident. If it’s safe to do so, it’s a good idea to take photos of the vehicles to use as evidence. Take photos of their location, including any damage done, before the cars are moved.

4. Call our Claims team as soon as possible on 1890 666 888. Have information to hand, including your policy details, a description of the incident, and the insurance and contact details of other parties. Ensure you have contact information for any witnesses to the incident.

What happens next?

Once you call us, we will take all of the details and a member of our experienced Motor Claims Team will talk through the incident with you. We will then be able to begin assessing your Claim.

We will let you know if you have to pay any excess - this is the first amount of any claim that you must pay, we pay the balance. Check your policy schedule for details on your excess amount.

Customers often ask us how long it will take to settle their claim. This can vary, depending on the circumstances of the accident, but once we agree that you have a valid claim, we will process it as quickly as possible.

Additional considerations


If your car is damaged following an accident, it’s important that you do not carry out any repairs until you speak to us. We will then talk to you about your repair options.
Aviva Motor Services is the easiest and fastest way to get your vehicle repaired. Aviva Motor Services is a nationwide repair network and you will get a guarantee on all repair work carried out by them for as long as the car remains registered in your name.

If you make a claim on your policy for repairs and use Aviva Motor Services we will provide a courtesy car for up to 7 days or for 10 days if your car is a write off.

Minor incidents

If you’re involved in a minor incident you might not want to claim under your own policy, but we would still like to hear from you. This will allow us to protect you in the event that another party chooses to claim against you at a later date.

“When a driver is involved in a minor incident they often don’t report it to us. This is a mistake because if a claim is made against the driver at a later date, say for soft tissue injury such as whiplash, it may be more difficult to assess the case, ” explains Emma , Aviva Motor Claims Team

What if I am injured?

Your policy may have a Personal Accident Section which will provide limited cover in the event that you sustain serious personal injuries in an accident. This will depend on the type of cover you bought when you initially took out the policy. Please contact us to discuss.

If a fire occurs

In the unfortunate event that your car goes on fire, we are here for you with our Breakdown Rescue cover. We will pay up to the value of €1,000 for charges made by a fire brigade to put out a fire in your car and to safely remove all occupants.

If you make a claim on your policy we will also provide you with a courtesy car for up to 7 days while Aviva Motor Services repairs your car or for 10 days if your car is a write off.

Car theft

Nobody likes to even contemplate the theft of their car, but if it happens to you, it is vital that you report the theft to us and the Gardaí straightaway.

If your car has not been recovered within 24 hours, we will provide a courtesy car for up to 5 days or until your car is recovered – whichever is sooner.

We will need some items from you to process your claim. These include:

• Any sets of keys you still have
• Theft report form, with a stamp and signature from your Garda station
• The Vehicle Registration Certificate
• Your original Certificate of Insurance
• A valid NCT Cert.

The sooner we receive the above items, the faster we will be able to sort out your claim.

Stolen items from your car

If any belongings are stolen from your car, contact us and let us know what has been taken. Once we know the details of the incident, we will pay up to €150 for any loss or damage to your personal belongings. If we do make a payment, this will not affect your No Claims Discount.

Broken window or windscreen

You need to check your policy and call us immediately. We provide unlimited cover for any car window or windscreen (excluding sunroofs) on all of our Comprehensive car insurance policies once you use our aligned windscreen repairers to carry out any repairs. This service is an optional extra on Third Party Fire & Theft policies. We will come out to you – be it at work or at home – and complete any replacements quickly and efficiently.

No Claims Discount

If you make a claim under your private motor policy, you will not lose your No Claims Discount for fire claims, windscreen claims or theft claims (including personal belongings).

Remember, we’re here to help, so please contact us on 1890 666 888 if you need to make a claim. You can rest assured that we’ll make the process as stress-free as possible for you!

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