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How we can help in a Home Emergency

If you're taken out your home insurance policy directly with Aviva you have Help in a Home Emergency as a standard benefit on your policy, this is provided by Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland. If you've bought your policy through a broker, you may have this as an optional cover on your home insurance so check your policy for details.

Home Emergency Assistance Repair service is provided by Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland who cover the cost of the call-out, labour, and materials which are needed to carry out the home repair (up to €250 for each incident or €260 (refer to booklet). If repairs cost more than these amounts, you are responsible for paying any difference. If the damage is covered by your policy and you make a claim, we will refund any money you have paid out (less your policy excess).

When we talk about a home emergency, we mean a sudden or unexpected event that damages your home and needs immediate action to stop things getting worse.

Home Emergency Cover includes:
  • Cover for the cost of a call out, labour and materials for an emergency repair - up to €250 per incident or up to €260 for broken window glass
  • Access to a 24-hour comprehensive emergency service
  • Cover for storm or accidental damage to your roof, windows and doors

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What our Home Emergency covers

Our home repair service will secure your home and stop further loss or damage caused by any of these events:
  • Water or oil leaks from pipes, fittings, sanitary fixtures, and fixed installations within your home
  • Failure of the electricity supply caused by a fault or damage to the electrical installation inside your home
  • Theft, loss of keys or accidental damage to locks
  • Storm or any other accidental damage that makes your home insecure
  • Broken glass in outside windows and doors that makes your home insecure

Home emergency Follow-up services

Just because Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland carried out emergency repairs on your home doesn't mean their work is done, offering these helpful services to make life a little easier:
  • Overnight accommodation for up to four people if your home isn't habitable. We choose the place and we transport you there from your home
  • Furniture storage for up to seven days if you need to remove your belongings for security reasons. We transport your stuff to and from a storage facility within 50km of your home.
  • We'll pass an urgent message onto a family member at home or abroad.
  • If you need to contact an essential service in a hurry, just call us on 1800 565 556 and we'll give you the phone number of the hospital, police station, fire brigade, 24-hour pharmacy or transport company you need.

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