Motor claims

Aviva Motor Services

The easiest and fastest way to get your vehicle repaired is to use Aviva Motor Services

There are many great benefits to using Aviva Motor Services.

If you have any questions call us on 1890 666 888. We are here to help! 

What information do I need?

Before you begin making your claim, gather these details together:

  • Your policy number
  • As many details of the incident as possible, including
    • Who was driving (if applicable) the car
    • Contact details and insurance information of anyone else involved
    • Contact details of any witnesses or Gardaí (or other police if abroad)

Then contact us on 1890 666 888 to speak to an experienced claims adviser who will help you through the entire processs.

Will I lose my No Claims Discount?

The effect of a claim on your No Claims Discount depends on:

Claiming from abroad?

Call us on +353 1 89 86 400


Call us on 1890 666 888.

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