Aviva Pride

Why Aviva Pride?

Nearly half of all LGBT+ people in Ireland don’t feel comfortable being themselves in the workplace. They sometimes feel the need to hide details of their personal lives for fear of not being able ‘fit in’ or sometimes the fear of being discriminated against. Many ‘come out’ numerous times throughout their life – to their family, indirect family, friends, colleagues etc. Every time an LGBT+ person starts a new job, there is the inevitability of ‘coming out’ all over again, or hiding who they are.

What is Aviva Pride?

One of Aviva’s values as an organisation is that we care like crazy about our customers, and each other. Aviva Pride is our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ Employee and Allies network group – it is 100% organised and run by our people on behalf of their colleagues. Our ambition is to be recognised for our commitment to LGBT+ employees and customers, as well as making Aviva an employer of choice for LGBT+ professionals where our people are free to do their best work.

Our Allies Programme

An ally is someone who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBT+ people even if they don’t identify as LGBT+. Allies help by being visible and standing up to homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language; sending a clear and visible message that discrimination in the workplace is not acceptable and that everyone should and can be free to be themselves.

Courage can be infectious. We need to push back against stereotypes however we can. By just opening up conversations around these simple topics and being more honest with each other we can really create a culture where we recognise each others' differences and embrace them.

What we do

Across Aviva’s three Irish locations (Cork, Galway and Dublin), our Pride and Ally employee network is growing.

  • In 2018, we’re delighted to be a gold sponsor of this year's Pride Run, which is the first major event of the Dublin Pride calendar.  In its 7th year, it has become a staple of both the LGBT+ and the athletics calendars. 
  • We’ve held many Aviva Pride and Allies events and seminars in order to increase visibility, understanding and awareness amongst our people. 
  • We hold an annual staff raffle in aid of an LGBT+ charity.
  • We’re an enthusiastic supporter of the annual Dublin Pride festival, and look forward to participating this year for the third year running. On 30 June, Aviva employees from all over Ireland will take part in the parade. It’s sure to be another fun and successful day, so keep an eye out for the yellow Aviva bus!

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