Help in a Home Emergency

If there is a home emergency, we can help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An emergency is an unexpected or sudden event which damages your home and which needs immediate action to prevent further damage and to make it safe and secure.

Our Help in a Home Emergency Service is provided through our service provider, MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Agency Ireland and can be contacted on Freephone number 1800 565 556.

Help in a home emergency provides:

  • Cover for storm or accidental damage to roof, windows and doors.
  • Cover for the cost of callout, labour and materials for emergency repair (up to €250 per incident or €260 for broken window glass).
  • Access to a 24-hour comprehensive emergency service.

Events insured:

We will provide a repair service to secure your home and prevent further loss or damage caused by any of the following:

1)      Water or oil leaks - from pipes, fittings, sanitary fixtures and fixed installations within your home.

2)      Failure of the electricity supply - caused by a fault or damage to the electrical installation inside your home.

3)      Theft, loss of keys or accidental damage to locks.

4)      Storm or any other accidental damage which makes your home insecure.

5)      Broken glass in outside windows and doors which make your home insecure.    

Follow-up services:

When we have carried out an emergency repair, we will also provide the following benefits to you:

  • Overnight accommodation for up to four people (at a place we choose), with transport from your home.*
  • Up to 7 days’ furniture storage with transport to and from the storage facility (up to 50km).**
  • When you have an emergency in your home, we will pass an urgent message to a family member at home or abroad.
  • If you need the phone number of an essential service urgently, call the Freephone number 1800 565 556 and we will give you the phone number for the hospital, police station, fire brigade, 24-hour pharmacy or transport company you need.

*This benefit is applicable only when the policyholder cannot live in their home

**This benefit is applicable only if contents need to be removed for security reasons

This is only an overview of the features and benefits of our Help in Home Emergency cover. Please download our HomeCare Policy Document (165Kb) for the complete details on our exclusions and benefits. It also sets out the terms and conditions of cover. If you already have Aviva home insurance, then your policy schedule will show your exact cover and any extra benefits or amendments that may apply.

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