Three things to check every four to six weeks

Car Maintenance top tips episode three

Bob Flavin has spent the last ten years test driving and reviewing cars. Bob sat down with us to share his best car maintenance tips so you can avoid unnecessary costs and stay safe on the road at all times. In episode three of this series, Bob discusses the checks you need to carry out every four to six weeks.

Watch episode three:

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Tip one - Keep an eye on your tyre pressure

Your car needs to safely support you and your passengers on the road, and properly inflated tyres are the key to this.

Bob advises following your car manufacturer’s handbook to find the optimum tyre pressure for your car, because it varies from model to model.

Always keep your handbook stored safely in your car for reference. Here are ten other car necessities you should have to hand for any occasion that might pop up along your journey.

Tip two - Check your tyre tread depth

Your car’s tyres naturally get worn down driving in both normal and harsher weather conditions. The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but Bob advises having a depth of at least 3mm to ensure your safety while on the road, with somewhere between 4mm and 8mm being optimal.

While you’re here, why not get the full low down on tyre safety.

Tip three - Check your car’s air filter

Bob’s last tip is to check your car manufacturer’s handbook to see how often your car’s air filter should be changed. This will keep the air circulating in your car clean and odourless. Not only that, but a clean air filter will help reduce the emissions from your car. Your handbook will guide you on whether you can change the air filter yourself or need to seek the help of a mechanic.

Here’s everything else going on under the bonnet of your car, just in case you want a refresh.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where Bob will be revealing more tips and advice on car maintenance.

The days are getting darker earlier now, and driving in the dark can present more hazards, so be extra cautious every time you get behind the wheel. Make sure to have a look at our top tips for fighting driver fatigue this winter.

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