What to Expect from Your Pre-Driving Test

Before you go in for your driving test, many students find taking a pre-driving test lesson with their instructor to be helpful.

You’ve done your lessons, read the guide book, and have been keeping up with your driving test practice – now it’s almost time for the real thing. But before you go in for your driving test, many students find taking a pre-driving test lesson with their instructor to be helpful. Here’s what to expect.

What do pre-driving test lessons include?

The purpose of a pre-driving test is to put you through your paces as if you were taking your test for real. Your instructor will explain what’s expected of you, including questions you’ll have to answer, manoeuvres you’ll have to perform, and checks you’ll perform on your vehicle. This is all important information to be aware of ahead of your test, so if you know your stuff during your pre-test, it’s a good sign.

Your instructor will bring you to the test centre to begin and direct you through one of the possible test routes from there.

Top tip: Remember to reverse into your driving space in the test centre car park when you arrive. This will make it easier to perform your vehicle checks for the Road Safety Authority Driving Examiner and to drive away safely to begin your test.

To apply for a Driver Theory Test, or to locate your nearest test centre, visit theorytest.ie.

The pre-test will typically follow the following steps:

  1. Arrive at the test centre and park
  2. Answer the pre-test theory questions
  3. Perform the pre-test vehicle checks
  4. Begin your test around one of the possible routes
  5. Return to the test centre 

Why is a pre-driving test lesson important?

Many students may think their lessons have prepared them well enough to take their test without a pre-test. But it’s important not to underestimate how the real thing can throw off even the most well-prepared students.

It’s important to be aware of the format of the test, how questions are asked, what is expected of you during the test, and most importantly, how your driving skills measure up. Being familiar with the test format can help you relax on the big day and focus on showing how hard you’ve worked.

What kind of questions will my instructor ask me?

As part of your pre-test lesson, your instructor will ask questions on the following topics:

Theory questions, including:

  • How should you position yourself for turning right on a one-way street?
  • What is the basic rule of a yellow box junction?
  • When can you cross a continuous white line?

Pre-vehicle check questions, including:

  • How you would check the level of the oil?
  • Can you show me where the windscreen reservoir is?
  • Where are the air and demister controls inside your car?

Manoeuvre to demonstrate during the test, including:

  • Can you perform a turnabout?
  • Can you perform a hill start?
  • Can you reverse around a corner?

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