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Why not be the person to give the opportunity of learning to drive?

It can be difficult to think of that perfect present for someone, year after year. Maybe you don’t want to gift a material present this year, but a present that is an experience to be remembered. Learning to drive is a milestone in a person’s life, something that opens them up to a world of opportunities.

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Here are some things that you need to know before buying driving lessons.

Learner drivers

  • must be 17 years of age or over
  • will need to have completed & passed the Driver Theory Test
  • must hold a valid Irish Learners Permit
  • should have a parent/guardian with an active Aviva motor insurance policy to activate the accompanied learner driver cover

Aviva Driving school offers three distinct packages: Level One (Educate), Level Two (Achieve) and Level Three (Decision), each expertly designed to help our pupils reach their driving goals. Our driving packages cater to all levels of driving experience, because our philosophy is ‘safer driving for life’. Our level one package is designed for learner drivers.

Level One – Educate - €545 - Meeting your EDT (Essential Driver Training) minimum requirements.

This level is for new learner permit holders (L-Plate drivers) wishing to fulfil the EDT requirement, which is a mandatory training course providing the fundamental driving skills to learner drivers. 

We offer a 12-lesson programme that provides basic driver training under EDT requirements.

This programme also includes six months accompanied driver cover on a parent or guardian’s existing Aviva private motor policy, to help with EDT practice between driving lessons.

At Aviva Driving School, we take many steps to ensure our customers receive the absolute best standards for their lessons. You can be confident in knowing that your gift will bring the following value to the recipient:

  • All our driving instructors are approved by the Road Safety Authority.
  • After every lesson, the learner can ask the instructor for a progress report. These are available at no extra cost.
  • The learner can request learner driver lessons on any topic they choose.
  • The Essential Driver Training lessons log will be updated on the RSA portal at the end of each lesson.
  • Pre-test lessons are conducted, these focus on developing self-evaluation skills and on getting accustomed to the pressure of a driving test.
  • The instructor will inform the learner when they are at driving test standard and when they should apply for their driving test.

Learn more about the cost of learning to drive here. Why not buy and book with Aviva Driving School today?

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