New Activation cover: If the accompanied driver cover activation request is placed after seven days from the date of pupil's first lesson. We will reduce the time left on the accompanied driver cover based on when the request was placed. 

For example: Customer places request after one month for Educate package, we will activate the cover for five months that are remaining. As the terms and conditions state ADC must be activated within seven days of their first lesson.

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Please note the email address must match our records in order to action your request

The pin number should be provided by Aviva Driving School instructor after the first lesson

Please select why you are requesting the accompanied driver cover letter?
What driving school package does the pupil have?

Level one - Educate [Accompanied Learner Driver Cover]
Level two - Achieve [Additional lAccompanied Learner Driver Cover]
Level three - Decision [Accompanied Driver Cover - additional 6 months cover which can be upgraded to "free" Unaccompanied Driver Cover for remaining period of 6 months once pupil reaches level three standard].

By providing  information about a Pupil you are confirming that you have let them know you are sharing their information with us, and have their consent to do so. Aviva Direct will need to verify the information on this form with Aviva Driving School.

I consent to Aviva Direct contacting me in relation to my query above and verifying the information with Aviva Driving School.

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