Our Assumptions

In offering you an online car insurance quote, we assume the following: 

You (your named drivers or any person who may drive your car) driving history

  • Have never been disqualified from driving
  • Have never had any endorsement on your (their) licence
  • Have had no claims made against you in the last three years, have no outstanding claims, nor been involved in any accident or loss
  • Have not been convicted of any offences of any nature, or have any now pending
  • Have no more than six penalty points on your (their) current licence, none of which were applied from judgement in a court of law.
  • Have no disability or medical condition that impairs your (their) ability to drive
  • Have not been refused insurance (or renewal of a policy) by any insurer
  • Have had no special terms and conditions imposed on you (them) by any insurer
  • Have never had a policy of motor insurance cancelled on you (them) by any insurer
  • Permanently reside in the Republic of Ireland

Your insurance history

  • You have a No Claims Discount earned within the last two years in your own name.
  • This No Claims Discount was earned on a car, not a moped or motorcycle
  • This No Claims Discount is not in use on any other active policy (you earn the no-claims discount on each car separately if you insure more than one car and the same No Claim discount cannot be in use at the same time on more than one policy).
  • The number of years of no claims bonus declared to us represents the actual number of years claims free driving you have earned in your own name

Your car

  • Is a private car built mainly for carrying passengers and taxed for private use only
  • Is valued at less than €100,000
  • Is used only for social, domestic and pleasure purposes (including commuting to and from work)
  • Is owned and mainly driven by you or your spouse/partner
  • Is registered in you or your spouse/partner's name
  • Is normally parked at your home address
  • Is not a kit car, van, car van, vans adapted to carry passengers or a vehicle used for hire or reward such as a taxi or a hackney, sports car, convertible, GTI, VTEC or high performance vehicle
  • Is not converted, adapted or modified in any way
  • Registration number has been correctly provided

Main Driver (applicable to you OR your spouse/partner if Main Driver/Main User)

  • Do not own or have any other vehicles registered in your (or assumed Main Driver's) name
  • Do not have a company vehicle or full-time use of another vehicle
  • Do not insure another vehicle in your own (or assumed Main Driver's) name
  • Are not the main driver of any other vehicle

Your Quote

  • Is based on the policy cover start date
  • Is based on you providing us with your current and valid vehicle registration number
  • May include discounts which are exclusive to online customers
  • Online discounts may vary from time to time for example as a result of marketing campaigns and some discounts may vary for customers who are switching to Aviva from another insurer.

Your MultiCar Discount

  • Is based on you having provided the correct policy number for another driver in your household who currently has an Aviva car insurance policy. 

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