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Aviva Stadium

Aviva Group Ireland

A truly world class venue in which some of Ireland’s most historic sporting achievements will be made in the decades to come, Aviva Stadium is both the ancestral and spiritual home of Irish Rugby and Soccer fans.

Future generations

So it is with no small degree of pride that Aviva sponsors this inspirational arena and we commit ourselves to encouraging the ambitions and enhancing the futures of every young rugby and soccer player in Ireland.

Creates strong communities

Sport is a great foundation of our country and our nation’s identity. It creates strong communities and builds longstanding friendships that reflect values we at Aviva wholly embrace: teamwork, trust, respect and recognition.

That's why our sports sponsorship goes far beyond that of Aviva Stadium, and right out into the communities themselves with Grassroots Programmes including:

Soccer Sisters

All you need to know about Aviva Soccer Sisters Programme initiative launched in 2017.

Aviva Mini Rugby Festivals

This programme includes initiatives aimed at attracting new kids to the game.

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