Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Garden ready

With the nice weather and brighter evenings, there’s no better time to be outside and your garden can become an outdoor room for entertaining. However, the last thing you want to do is invite your friends and family over to spend time in an unkempt garden. So we’ve got a few tips for you to make sure that your garden is summer-ready and suitable for hours of enjoyment…
General cleanup & maintenance:

  • Prune away dead flowers from your shrubs and flowering plants to promote healthy growth and keep plants attractive.
  • Cut away and compost wilted tulip and bulb leaves from beds to prevent disease. If you wish to move tulip beds to a different location, now is a perfect time to carefully uproot bulbs and store in a cool dark location for replanting in autumn before frosts set in.
  • Weed your garden beds before the weeds take hold and are out of control.
  • Give your favorite plants and vegetables a boost with a top layer of compost or manure. They will thank you later.
  • Retain moisture and keep weeds at bay with a fresh layer of wood chip or mulch.

Planting & harvesting care:

  • Add additional annuals like petunias, begonia and marigold to fill in voids in your garden. They add a pop of colour that makes your garden stand out.
  • Lightly fertilise your vegetables and flowering plants with organic fertiliser or liquid seaweed every week or two.
  • This is your last chance to plant fast-growing summer vegetables like green beans, cucumber, courgette and celery. Don’t forget about planting dill and basil seeds also as they prefer warmer weather.
  • Regularly harvest fruits like cucumbers, marrows and courgette while tender to promote additional fruiting and to enjoy in summer salads.
  • In August, you can start planting successive crops of cool weather vegetables like lettuce, radish, kale and spinach that grow well into the cooler darker autumn months.
  • Harvest potatoes, garlic and onions when the normally green leaves start to turn yellow and begin to flop over.

Gardening pro tip: Be sure to water your garden late in the afternoon or early evening. The heat of the day has passed and watering at this time cuts down on evaporation. Plants have time without the sun to take water into their root system.

With a little work, your garden can be a source of enjoyment and a place you’re proud to share with your family and friends.

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