5 Cosy Bedroom Design Ideas

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Looking to upgrade your space? Our new series of blog posts tap into the minds of some of Ireland’s top interior designers to get their top trends and space-maximising tips for 2024.

Bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is often seen as the home’s safe haven. We want the place that we sleep to be peaceful, serene, and comfortable – but mixing in clutter, harsh lighting and general messiness can have us averting our eyes and feeling more stressed than ever in the mornings and evenings.

Studies have shown that people get better sleep when their bedroom is optimised for it – which is why bedroom design ideas are so important to get right. Several interior designers have shared their tips to curate a truly comfortable bedroom – so you can continue your year off on the right side of the bed.

1. Invest in your lighting

According to designer Marette Cronin, creating layers of lighting is key for a serene space. “If your budget allows, go for a ceiling pendant and nice complimenting bedside lights, lamps, or wall lights. Or, alternatively, go for a semi-flush ceiling light and pendant lights on either side of the bed. If you can implement some architectural lighting, like LED strip lights in warm white, this will add another layer to the room, making it cosier and the space aesthetically larger.”

2. Make the most of your space, even if it’s on the smaller side

We all hate unnecessary clutter and mess in our bedrooms, and Niamh McKenna of NMcK Design, advises streamlining your space. “The bedroom needs to be carefully considered in order for it not to feel cramped but to feel like an enjoyable space,” she says. “Avoid painting a feature wall in a smaller bedroom, as this will make the room feel even smaller. Paint the room one colour and paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls - this will make your room feel dramatically bigger. Avoid bulky furniture and consider function as a priority – only include the things you need and don’t include the rest.

3. Avoid overly busy elements in your bedroom décor ideas

The decluttering doesn’t stop with storage – for truly chilled bedroom decoration, McKenna also advises avoiding too many textures or contrasting patterns. “Bedrooms are places of rest, so I would avoid bold busy patterns in textiles or wallpaper. Instead, choose muted tones on walls and use subtle patterns or textures in your textiles.”

4. Sustainability is key for 2024

Sustainability looks set to be a huge trend for 2024 in every room inof the house, especially the bedroom. Megan Arbuthnott of Canny Creative advises doing your research before making any big purchases. “Natural lime-based paints are better for the environment and also help to purify the air within your room, giving you a great night's sleep.

5. Neutral colours will make for a relaxing night’s sleep

Never underestimate the power of colour in impacting your mood. Brenda Sorensen of Aspect Interiors says your choice of colour can have a big effect on your sleep quality. “But your eyes are closed ‘I hear you say, ‘ so how would that make a difference to my sleep?’. Colour can have an impact on your heart rate, and therefore affect your sleep cycle. Red is a bad choice because, although it suggests passion, it does not scream restful night’s sleep. Instead, think neutrals and coastal shades like soft beige and creams or sage green and pastel blue. These colours allow your brain and body to relax, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

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