Three things to check regularly

Car Maintenance top tips episode two

In episode one of our car maintenance series, car expert Bob Flavin discussed the importance of properly maintaining your car.

In this episode, Bob is back to share advice on the checks in your car that need to be done regularly.

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Tip one - Check all your bulbs

Bob advises checking all the bulbs in your car regularly. Easy tasks like this can often be overlooked but are so important when it comes to safe driving. Working light bulbs are obviously important at night but also during bad weather like ice, snow and rain.

Check out more safety precautions to take while driving in the dark and driving in ice and snow.

Tip two - Check your fluid levels

Bob’s second tip is to check your windscreen wash, engine oil, coolant levels, and brake fluid levels every two weeks.

Your windscreen reservoir won’t have any minimum or maximum external markings, so you’ll need to remove the cap and have a visual check of the level. When checking coolant and oil levels, always allow your engine time to cool down first, to avoid burning yourself. It’s also a good idea to check your fluid levels when your car is parked on a flat and even surface for more accurate readings.

Make sure to wear gloves when checking your brake fluid, because the liquid is toxic and could damage your skin or car’s paintwork. Have a read of everything else that needs to be checked under the bonnet.

Tip three - Clean your car

Bob’s last piece of advice is to give your car a good wash and wax regularly. Your car deserves some TLC when continuously battling the outdoor elements, not to mention the results of daily school drop-offs and pick-ups found on the interior!

Check out these five ways to make your car sparkle to make the task easier.

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