Best Seat in The House

Aviva gets you to the Best Seat in the House. Insuring your home as you watch the match and insuring your car on the way to the Home of Irish Rugby and Soccer, Aviva Stadium.

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You join us here for the last moments of the game. Yes, absolute magic!

Look at that pace. It’s a sprint for the best seat. Oh, Liam scrapes in off the post. Ava will be disappointed with that one. But she picks herself up straight away.

Acres of space, gets around the last defender. She’s in!

That will haunt Liam for years. Finally poised here now for the second half. Here we go.

Oh, look at that footwork. You might have to go to the TMO for that one, but I think he’s in.

Would you look at that? There’ll be no sleep tonight.

All set here now for the second leg.

They think it’s all over…

00:01:07 Video ends

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