Sustainability at Aviva

Aviva Stadium has some unusual green supporters

Aviva has been a proud sponsor of Aviva Stadium since 2010.  We are working alongside our partners in Aviva Stadium to make our impact on the world as sustainable as possible.

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This is us

Our Home. It is where we live, dream and play.

Where green isn't just special, it means the world. And it is up to us to protect it.

That is why we harvest rain to irrigate our pitch. Build special holts for our residential otters and protect the local bats with specialise lightening.

Our home belongs to us all.

That's why Aviva have pledged to meet net zero emissions by 2040.

To be part of a greener future, It takes Aviva.

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Aviva’s net zero ambition

Aviva is the first major financial services group to set the ambitious goal to be net zero by 2040. Net Zero is the balance between the amount of carbon emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Find out more about Aviva’s sustainability ambition.

Aviva Stadium from a distance

Both Aviva and Aviva Stadium share the same ambition; to be Net Zero by 2040. As part of this shared journey there are a number of biodiversity initiatives in place to help support our local environment.

Otter Holts

Otter in a field

Aviva Stadium is not just home to Irish Rugby & Football, it’s home to otters who live in the Dodder River along the Stadium perimeter! To help the otters live in harmony, otter holts have been constructed along the river to house our neighbours.

So, what is an otter holt?

Otters live and raise their young in a den, otherwise known as a holt, which can be within rock cavities, under exposed tree roots or even unused fox dens and badger sets. In the Dodder, an artificial holt has been constructed from recycled plastic units, and locally sourced logs to provide a safe home for our local otters.  The holt spans 10m underground and consists of unseen underwater entrances, which are covered in moss.

Bat-friendly lighting

Bat upside down

Bats are another friendly neighbour of Aviva Stadium.

They are nocturnal animals, and lights can affect their living spaces, foraging behaviour and even cause them to abandon their roosts. As we know, stadia can be big and bright places in terms of lighting, so special lighting has been installed along the Dodder Walk to ensure bats are not disturbed on big match nights. Low level pavement lighting has been used to minimise impact.

In addition to this, suitable trees were identified and provided with bat boxes and bird boxes to attract both species to this habitat.

Rainwater harvesting

Sprinklers on at the Aviva Stadium

The pitch in Aviva Stadium is 348 ft × 223 ft – which is a lot of grass! The primary water supply for the pitch irrigation tank is achieved by harvesting rainwater from the stadium’s roof top drainage system. 

Did you know?

Aviva Stadium is the only stadium in the world that is part of a biosphere! A biosphere is an area or piece of land where land, air, and water interact with each other to support life. Biospheres play a vital role in climate regulation.

Aviva’s climate goals

Our plan is to become a Net Zero carbon emissions company by 2040.

View our climate goals

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Find out ways you can make your visit to Aviva Stadium a little bit greener.

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