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You may be entitled to loyalty discounts, a 15% discount for having a home policy with Aviva Direct or a 10% multicar discount if another member of your household has a private car policy with us. ¹

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Get a 15% online car insurance discount when you buy online2

1. Acceptance criteria, terms & conditions apply. Offer subject to minimum premium of €230 for home insurance (€115 for Contents or Buildings only).

Aviva Multicar Discount - Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. All discounts applied subject to minimum premium of €310. Offer available on second and subsequent car policies for new and existing customers, up to a maximum of five policies, if the new and existing policies have been taken out through Aviva Direct Ireland Limited. Vehicles must be owned by members of the same household and registered at the same address.

2. Offer of 15% discount only applies to new car insurance policies bought online. Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. Subject to a minimum premium of €310 for car insurance. Aviva reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or amend this offer or any of the terms and conditions thereof at any time without prior notice.

Car insurance and home insurance are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC.

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