Need to renew

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my renewal quote?

You will receive your renewal invitation approximately 30 days prior to your car insurance policy ending.

The renewal invitation will be available through your MyAviva portal plus you will also get an email regarding the renewal.

How do I make a renewal payment?

If you do not need to make any amendments to your policy, then you can simply renew online.

If you do need to make amendments before renewing please contact us on 1800 332 211.

Why has my premium increased?

There are many rating factors which may cause your renewal premium to increase, this would include age of vehicle, type of vehicle, location of risk.

Visit our page to see what factors can cause your renewal price to increase. 

How do I edit/amend my renewal?

If you have received your renewal quote and need to make amendments please contact us on 1800 332 211.


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