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According to the Central Statistics Office, over 60% of working commuters use their car to get to work. Almost 200,000 commuters (one in 10) spend an hour or more travelling to work, with the average journey time being 28.2 minutes1.  We understand that your time is important, especially in the morning and that’s why, we’ve chosen some of the best podcasts to listen to on your commute.

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1. Those Conspiracy Guys

An Irish comedy podcast that ponders unanswered questions from the wildest mysteries and weirdest truths throughout history, including conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings, true crime, assassinations, and alien abductions! If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, nothing will! At the very least, you’ll be sniggering away in your car all the way to work.

2. No Such Thing As A Fish

Brought to you by QI’s Elves, this podcast series will provide you with all the interesting facts that you never knew you were missing. Each week, four hosts sit around the mic and discuss the most interesting things they’ve found out that week. It’s both fascinating and hilarious – you might find yourself all ‘geared-up’ to share your new-found knowledge with everyone you meet!

3. My Favorite Murder

Violent crime may not seem like a natural choice for a comedy podcast, but the irreverent hosts make it hard to resist. There are two episodes per week: One where true-crime fans Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark exchange their favourite tales of murder, and a ‘minisode’ in which they share hometown crime stories from friends and fans, so you’ll have an episode for the car journey into work and the car journey home!

4. S-Town

Created by the producers of cult podcasts - This American Life and Serial, this investigative journalism series initially appears to investigate a crime in rural Alabama. But surrounded by conspiracies and questions, the real lure of S-Town is the character study it creates around small-town life. This one is so addictive you’ll find yourself ‘motoring’ through!

5. The Adam Buxton Podcast

Comedian/Actor Adam Buxton has a disarming charm that’s perfect for this conversational podcast. It means that whether he is talking to long-time friend Joe Cornish or Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig, his relaxed style leads to far more interesting discussion than traditional interviews. You’ll almost feel like you have them sitting right there in the car with you!

6. Second Captains

After helping Newstalk’s ‘Off The Ball’ become a hit nationwide, hosts Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early, Mark Hogan, Ciaran Murphy and Simon Hick created Second Captains. With four episodes a week covering politics and culture as well as all things sport, it’s no surprise they won iTunes Podcast of the Year in Ireland for 2014, and now have expanded into a new TV series!

7. The Allusionist

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about strange things in the car in the mornings when you’re tired and yawning? Like where the meaning of words came from, or if it’s possible to resurrect languages that have died out? The Allusionist delves into intricate minutiae of the English language, and why we say the things we say – all in digestible 20 minute episodes. It’s an indispensable listen for anyone with even a passing interest in the way languages continue to change.

8. Dreamgun Film Reads

Another Irish gem, this alternative comedy podcast is recorded in front of a live audience in Dublin City. Each episode picks a classic film (Harry Potter, Die Hard, and Titanic have all had the Dreamgun treatment) to discuss. This is melted into an oddball radio play of sorts, and then performed by actors and comedians who haven't seen the script beforehand. This one is so hilarious you may hear actual snorts of laughter from the audience.

Now you’ve got your morning commute entertainment sorted, it’s time to make sure that you have car insurance to get you to and from work, safely.

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