5 Simple Steps to Create a DIY Herb Wall

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Fresh herbs are such a great way to add healthy nutrients to your diet, offering plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as adding some amazing flavours to your food. Plants and greenery in the home can also create a sense of calm and wellbeing. So why not build your own DIY herb wall?! 

Before you worry that it sounds like a lot of hard work, hear us out. We’ve taken a trip online to IKEA and created a super easy, step-by-step guide to help you make a DIY herb wall.

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00:00:00 Music playing in the background throughout the video
On screen: DIY Herb Wall

00:00:05 On Screen: What You’ll Need

An area in your home with shelving
Wooden holders for your herbs and plants
Assortment of your favourite herbs and plants
A watering can
Nails and a screwdriver
Decor for your shelves

00:00:14 On Screen: Step 1 - Empty your shelves

00:00:17 On Screen: Step 2 - Assemble your wooden holders (if not already assembled)

00:00:20 On Screen: Step 3 - Arrange your wooden holders as desired on your shelves

00:00:22 On Screen: Step 4 - Arrange your plants and herbs in your holders

00:00:33 On Screen: Step 5 - Add the finishing touches

00:00:41 Vide ends

What you’ll need:

Note: Some of the items used in this DIY video may no longer be in stock so we’ve provided links to their best match.

Approximate cost: €104

How to create a DIY herb wall:

  1. Once you’ve decided on the space you’re going to use to create your herb wall, make sure to clear out anything on the shelves.
  2. Assemble your wooden holders, or if you’ve bought different holders to us, they might already be assembled.
  3. Place and arrange your wooden holders as desired on your shelves.
  4. Get your herbs and plants and place them into the wooden holders. Arrange them however you wish – one holder of just herbs or maybe a mix of plants and herbs.
  5. If you have any pieces you’d like to add to your shelves to personalise them and make them come to life, add them in now.

The Benefits of an Indoor Herb Wall

Availability of Fresh Herbs

If you’re big into cooking with fresh herbs, you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to some with a herb wall. It can often be a nuisance when we realise, we are missing a key ingredient mid-way through a cooking session but with herbs at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about this. 

Health Benefits

Adding fresh herbs to your next meal is a good way to get valuable nutrients into your body. Herbs are full of vitamins and minerals which are essential in helping to fight off colds and keeping us strong. 

Save Money

It can be costly to buy herbs each week, especially if you tend to shop in the organic section in supermarkets. Growing and maintaining your own indoor herb garden can help reduce grocery costs and allow you to save money. 

Eases Stress

It’s a known fact that gardening is therapeutic. Although it can also be hard work, gardening or growing a herb garden can help take your mind off things and reduce stress levels. Having a DIY project to work on can also take your mind off worries in your life.

Need somewhere to keep all those gardening tools? Well we’ve also created a cosy effective and easy-to-make work bench that’s easy to stow away while keeping all your bits and pieces together! Check it out.

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