Make your own wedding confetti

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Don’t let the little things cost you a fortune on your big day! Get the bridal party round and have some fun making memories with this easy step by step guide to make amazing wedding confetti. Not only will you save money for that honeymoon but it’s also eco-friendly. Get creative!

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00:00:00 Music playing in the background throughout the video

00:00:02 Woman throws confetti in the air

00:00:05 On Screen: Wedding crafting with Sadhbh

00:00:06 On Screen: Three eco-friendly confetti ideas

00:00:09 On Screen: Option 1 rose petals

00:00:12 On Screen: What you need: Brown wrapping paper, glue, roses, scissors & doilies.

00:00:15 On Screen: Cut your flower heads from the stem
Flowers being cut using scissors

00:00:19 On Screen: Be careful of thorns!

00:00:21 On Screen: Remove the petals
Petals are being removed from the flowers

00:00:27 On Screen: Lay them out on the brown paper
Petals laid out on brown paper

00:00:37 On Screen: Dry in a warm place for 3-5 days

00:00:41 Doily folded, cut in half and moulded into a cone shape

00:00:49 Pritt stick used to stick doily together into cone shape

00:00:51 Petals filled into doily cone

00:00:55 On Screen: Option 2: Leaves

00:00:58 On Screen: What you need: different colour & textured leaves, hole punch

00:01:06 Using the hole punch, small circles are punched out of the leaves

00:01:09 Place the small circular leaves into envelopes

00:01:11 On Screen: Option 3: Edible paper

00:01:14 On Screen: What you need: edible paper and a heart shaped hole punch

00:01:17 Using the heart shaped hole punch, hearts punched out of the edible paper

00:01:22 Place the hearts placed into envelopes

00:01:25 The three different confetti options are displayed on the table

00:01:27 Video ends

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