At Aviva, we offer you great discounts on your home insurance.

Please download our HomeCare Policy Document for more details on our discounts. The HomeCare Policy Document sets out the terms and conditions of cover. If you already have Aviva home insurance, then your policy schedule will show your exact cover and any extra benefits, amendments or discounts that may apply.

15% discount for buying online

When you buy your home insurance online with us, we’ll give you a 15% discount on your premium. This discount is subject to a minimum premium of €115 on Contents, €115 on Buildings and €230 on Contents & Buildings.

Up to 40% No-Claims Discount

We give you a discount on your insurance premium for every year that you don’t claim. We calculate this discount on a rising scale up to a maximum of 40% for five years or more without a claim.

If you are transferring from another insurer, we will take your claims-free years into account and apply the appropriate NCD. If you are a first-time buyer or have had no previous insurance, an introductory NCD of 25% is available.

Years claims free   Discount
 1 year  15%
 2 years  18%
 3 years  25%
 4 years  35%
 5 years or more  40%

Any claims you make under our jury service benefit will not affect your no-claim discount.

14.5% Discount with an Approved House Alarm

If you have an alarm on your house that’s been fitted by an approved alarm installer we will give you a 14.5% discount on your premium. If that alarm is also monitored 24 hours a day, we will increase the discount to 19.5%.

For installers to be approved, they have to hold a Private Security Authority (PSA) licence. To make sure, you can either ask them for proof directly or check the register of license holders on the PSA website.

The alarm system must have been installed to the ‘EN50131’ (old IS199) standard. The company maintaining it must be approved by one of the following organisations:

  • The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)
  • EQA Ireland
  • Management Systems Certification Ltd.
  • CerticCS

6% Loyalty Discount

If you have at least three years no-claim discount and renew your home insurance with us, we’ll give you a 6% discount on your premium.

Up to 11% Increased Excess Discount

Policy excess is the amount of money you will have to pay yourself in case of a claim. Our home insurance has a standard Buildings & Contents policy excess of €275.

However, you can choose to accept a higher excess in exchange for a discount on your premium. We calculate this discount on a rising scale as per the table below.

Increased Excess Discount
Excess Amount Discount
€500 -3.5%
€750 -7.5%
€1,000 -11%

You can easily raise your excess to €500 yourself when you get a quote from us online. If you want to raise it to €750 or €1,000, please call our team in Galway on 1890 33 22 11 and they will be happy to set this up for you.

These discounts are available on main residences that have ‘Buildings and Contents’ cover. This excludes holiday homes, rental properties etc. You can also get this discount on ‘Contents only’ cover, which is available for owner-occupied apartments. This excludes houses or any other properties such as flats. To purchase ‘Contents only’ cover, please contact our team in Galway – we do not offer it online.

Please note that we have higher standard excesses for water leakage and subsidence, heave or landslip of €1000.

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